Bilendi 2022 revenue is up +39.5% vs 2021

Bilendi, one of the leading European market research providers, announced a total revenue of €61.5 million for the 2022 financial year, up +39.5% vs 2021. These numbers include the acquisition of Respondi AG, which was finalized at the end of 2021. The pro format growth was 6.2%.

Bilendi revenue statement for 2022

bilendi financial statement
Bilendi’s financial statement for Q4 2022/FY2022.

Focused on building quality proprietary panels

Bilendi follows a traditional approach to building proprietary panels, as opposed to programmatic platforms using 3rd party suppliers. Panel sites operated by Bilendi include Maximiles, iVox and Mingle. According to its annual statement, its European proprietary panels are made up of 2.5 million active respondents.

Bilendi also confirmed its ambition to reach a turnover of €100 million by 2026, and an EBITDA of 20 to 25% of turnover, i.e. €20 to 25 million, through a combination of organic growth and targeted acquisitions.

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