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Hagen Sinclair Review

Hagen Sinclair is a niche market research recruitment provider, offering participants paid opportunities. In this review, we take a practical approach to reviewing the experience of participating in Hagen Sinclair’s studies.

Is Hagen Sinclair legit?

Yes, this is a legit American business which has operated since 2001 as a professional market research recruitment firm. While you might experience some downsides during the recruitment process (see further down), you can trust the company to pay your reward as promised.

What’s the concept?

Hagen Sinclair specializes in what is called qualitative research. What does qualitative mean?
Qualitative research is a method used to understand people’s thoughts, opinions, and experiences in a detailed and in-depth manner. Instead of focusing on numbers and statistics, it aims to uncover the “why” behind people’s behaviours. It involves techniques like personal interviews, observations, and focus groups to gather rich, descriptive data.
The overall concept is pretty simple: Hagen Sinclair gets contacted by market research agencies when they need help finding hard-to-reach audiences. The approach is very similar to a job recruitment agency helping a business find job candidates. For each completed interview, Hagen Sinclair earns a fee from their clients – and a part of this fee goes to pay the participant in the form of cash or gift card vouchers.
Here is an example of a typical project:
hagen sinclair project example

What’s the approach?

Hagen Sinclair typically follows a 4 step process:

  1. Recruitment of candidates.
  2. Screening – they will ask a series of questions to pre-qualify you for the project.
  3. Study participation – you take part in the research, such as a Zoom video call or an in-person interview or a focus group.
  4. Reward – you get the reward paid out after your participation has been verified by the researcher. The payment process can take 3-4 weeks.

hagen sinclair focus group

Focused on ad-hoc recruitment

As opposed to a survey site that recruits users to sign up for a panel,  Hagen Sinclair also recruits on an ad-hoc basis. They may utilize online platforms, social media channels, or databases to identify potential participants. They will often use compelling advertisements or posts describing the study and the specific criteria they are looking for in participants.

Through targeted marketing and outreach efforts, they aim to connect with individuals who match the desired demographic, psychographic, or behavioural characteristics required for the research study. Once potential participants express interest, they will follow up to assess the participant’s eligibility and availability for the study.

Example of a Facebook post featuring a Focus Group opportunity to earn $350:

hagen sinclair research example

What’s the catch?

The catch with a company such as Hagen Sinclair is that they usually seek a very narrow target group. If you don’t qualify for the study, you won’t get paid. Being disqualified at an initial stage can feel frustrating, especially if you have spent time diligently answering a number of questions.

The process of qualifying for a focus group at Hagen Sinclair involves candidates filling out a lengthy questionnaire comprising 29 detailed questions, including matrix and open-ended questions. In our experience, completing this screening questionnaire took us a substantial 45 minutes.

However, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee of qualification or receiving any reward for this significant time investment. Understandably, users often feel disappointed if they’re not selected after dedicating so much time to the screening process, considering it a demanding requirement with limited assurance of participation.

screening process

The screening questionnaire of Hagen Sinclair goes on and on…

matrix questions

Several of the 29 questions are matrix questions, which can be very time-consuming to fill out.

How much can I earn?

Hagen Sinclair rewards participants in their research studies with various forms of compensation. The research stipends offered vary depending on the specific project, typically ranging from $25 to $500 or potentially. As an example, the reward for a 15 minutes online survey for business decision-makers could be $50. Participating in an hour-long focus group could be $200. It all depends on the method and methodology used.

Once the study is completed, participants are rewarded through different payment methods. These can include traditional methods like receiving a check, as well as modern options such as Visa cash cards, Amazon e-gift certificates, PayPal transfers, and the opportunity to make charitable donations. The specific form of compensation being offered is communicated upfront, ensuring transparency and allowing participants to understand how they will be rewarded for their involvement.

In our experience, Hagen Sinclair aims to provide fair compensation for your time, and much better payments than the typical online survey company.

Summary- Pros and Cons

Signing up with the survey site Hagen Sinclair can present both pros and cons worth considering. On the positive side, one notable advantage is the promise of fair compensation that surpasses what is typically offered by traditional online surveys. Additionally, the presence of friendly recruiters who actively reach out to potential participants adds a personalized touch, fostering a sense of engagement and rapport.

Furthermore, Hagen Sinclair’s focus on conducting interesting market research studies and projects that align with participants’ professional lives can be an appealing aspect. This alignment allows individuals to contribute their expertise and insights in areas relevant to their fields, potentially leading to a more engaging and meaningful research experience.

However, there are downsides that should be taken into account. One potential drawback is the difficulty of qualifying for studies. As with many research recruitment platforms, not all participants may meet the specific criteria required for each study. This could result in wasted time spent on the screening process without guaranteeing participation in any particular study.

Moreover, there is a possibility of being contacted out of the blue for potential studies. While some individuals may welcome unexpected opportunities, others might find this aspect intrusive or inconvenient. Being contacted without prior consent or knowledge of the specific study can disrupt personal schedules and commitments, potentially causing frustration or inconvenience.

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Hagen Sinclair Review Summary
Signing up with Hagen Sinclair offers the benefits of fair compensation, friendly recruiters, and relevant research projects. However, the challenges of qualifying for studies, potential time wastage in the screening process, and unexpected contact should be taken into consideration before committing to participation.
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Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Fair compensation (much better than online surveys)
  • Friendly recruiters contacting you
  • Interesting research topics
  • Projects aligned with your professional life
  • It can be hard to qualify
  • You might waste time in the screening process
  • Some will find it disruptive to be contacted without prior notice

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