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What is China Insights Consultancy?

The CIC expert network (China Insights Consultancy) is an expert network and consulting company focused on China. It was founded in 2014. CIC mainly servs the investment and financing field. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has branches in Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. CIC focuses on providing industry consulting and feasibility study services for corporate financing and domestic and overseas listings in various industries, strategic consulting services for domestic and foreign companies, and commercial due diligence services for investment institutions. At the same time, CIC provides customers with communication channels with industry experts to help customers obtain industry information and practical trends.

CIC Expert Network

CIC provides customers with the service of conducting interviews with industry experts. Customers will gain valuable industry information and insights through communication with senior industry experts. CIC now has a database platform composed of 300,000 experts and industry elites, covering consumer and retail, medical, information and Internet technology, automotive, transportation and logistics, energy and power systems, financial services, environmental and building technology, metals Major enterprises, scientific research institutions and related institutions in the fields of minerals, chemicals, materials, electronic technology, industry and automation, and agriculture. CIC builds a communication platform within the industry, across industries, and between companies and investors through various online and offline activities.

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CIC – China Insights Consultancy
CIC – China Insights Consultancy
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