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Knowledge Ridge – Expert Network Review

Founded in 2016, Knowledge Ridge is an expert network that specializes in providing on-demand expertise to the discerning decision-maker. The company boasts a staff of about 50, is headquartered in Pune, India and has offices in Houston, TX and Gurugram, India. The company’s most popular service is its premium Insights product, which includes a library of white paper-styled documents containing expertly vetted curated content.

Experts across all industries

The company boasts a library of nearly a thousand expertly vetted documents and is preparing to add even more to the roster in the months to come. Aside from the company’s standard offerings, they also provide a plethora of custom research and consulting services. Regardless of your industry, Knowledge Ridge can deliver an on-demand expert to you and your team on demand. Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, or any other industry, the company’s highly qualified and vetted experts are ready to assist you in your quest for market share.

Competitive pricing

As of the time of writing, the company’s portfolio includes over a thousand expertly vetted white papers, presentations, and custom research and consulting services. Aside from a robust client list, Knowledge Ridge’s most impressive accomplishment is its ability to deliver a high-quality product at a competitive price. As of the time of writing, the company’s client list includes Fortune 500 companies and many of the world’s most renowned startups. The company’s proprietary technology solutions – encompassing a variety of innovative offerings – are transforming the business landscape, and enabling clients to deliver a superior customer experience, resulting in a streamlined, customer-first approach.

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