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Knowledge Ridge – Expert Network Review

If you’re looking for a comprehensive expert network to join, Knowledge Ridge is definitely worth considering. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what Knowledge Ridge has to offer experts and whether it might be the right fit for your needs.

Company background

Knowledge Ridge is a mid-sized global expert network that claims to specialize in custom research and expertise delivery across all industries. The company was founded in 2016 by a senior manager with 12 years of experience in the expert network industry. Despite its claims of global reach, Knowledge Ridge has a relatively small staff of around 120 employees as of March 2023. The company has researchers on the ground and local language capabilities in significant business regions worldwide. Knowledge Ridge’s headquarters is located in Pune, India, with additional offices in Gurugram, India, and Houston, TX, USA.

While the company’s main service is a standard one-hour phone consultation with expert advisors, Knowledge Ridge also offers on-site visits, surveys, workshops, and longer-term expert placements.

Pros and Cons of joining Knowledge Ridge Expert Network

As with any expert network, there are both advantages and disadvantages to joining Knowledge Ridge. For experts with a focus on the Indian market, Knowledge Ridge may be an attractive option due to its strong presence and local expertise in India. The company has researchers on the ground which could be advantageous for experts seeking to share insights on the Indian market.

However, for experts outside of the Indian market, the benefits of joining Knowledge Ridge may be less clear. While the company offer their services globally, its expertise appears to be the strongest within the Indian market, which could limit opportunities for experts with a broader range of expertise. Additionally, the company’s small size and relatively limited reach compared to larger expert networks could mean fewer opportunities for experts to connect with clients.

Another potential drawback for experts considering joining Knowledge Ridge is the company’s relatively short history. Founded in 2016, Knowledge Ridge is a newer player in the expert network space, and its track record may not be as established as other more established firms. Experts may want to carefully consider this factor when evaluating whether to join the company.

Overall, experts with a strong focus on the Indian market may find joining Knowledge Ridge to be a good fit, thanks to the company’s local expertise and presence. However, experts with a broader range of expertise may want to carefully consider whether Knowledge Ridge’s services and reach are a good match for their needs before committing to the network.

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