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Arches Review

Arches is an expert network that was founded in Singapore to connect investors, consultants, and businesses with subject matter experts. The platform is designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and enable clients to quickly access industry insights that can help with innovation, business development, and risk assessments.

Recognizing that Asia is one of the fastest-growing markets, but also one of the most difficult markets due to cultural differences, economic structures, policies, and limited information reports, the founders of Arches decided to create a knowledge-sharing platform specifically for the Asia-Pacific region. The aim was to increase transparency and innovation by leveraging the knowledge of local industry experts.

What type of calls will I be asked to participate in?

Expert networks like Arches facilitate knowledge sharing on all kinds of subjects. Here is an example of how a typical call within the automotive industry:

A consulting company seeking knowledge on the latest industry trends within the electric vehicle industry may request an expert network call with a subject matter expert who has extensive experience and knowledge in this field. The consulting company may have a specific project in mind, such as developing a market analysis report for a client looking to invest in the electric vehicle industry.

The expert may be asked to provide insights on topics such as market trends, emerging technologies, regulatory changes, and competitive landscapes. The consulting company may also seek the expert’s advice on the best approaches to conducting research and analysis in this field, and the potential challenges and risks involved. Through the expert network call, the consulting company can gain valuable industry knowledge and insights that can help inform its strategies and decision-making processes.

Pros and cons of signing up with Arches

As a facilitator of knowledge, Arches aims to help clients quickly access industry insights and expertise to assist with innovation, business development, and risk assessments. While signing up for an expert network such as Arches can have its advantages, it also has its drawbacks.

One of the benefits of joining Arches is that it offers access to a network of experts with knowledge and experience in various fields, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. This can be particularly useful for investors or businesses looking to expand their operations in this region, as it provides them with valuable insights and knowledge of local markets and trends. Additionally, Arches offers a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for experts to provide their expertise and share their insights.

On the other hand, one of the potential drawbacks of joining an expert network such as Arches is that the opportunities for consulting work can be limited. This can be particularly true for experts who specialize in niche industries or fields, as there may be fewer opportunities available. Additionally, the fees paid to experts for their consulting work can vary greatly and may not always be competitive.

Another potential downside is the risk of conflict of interest or breach of confidentiality. Experts must be cautious not to share confidential or non-public information during their consultations, as this could put them at risk of violating compliance policies. Additionally, experts must ensure that they are not providing advice or guidance that could be seen as a conflict of interest, particularly if they are already working with a competitor or in a similar field.

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