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What is Trust Insight?

Trust Insight is a Brazilian expert network based in São Paulo. The firm was started by a former employee of Maestro Key, a competing Brazilian expert network.

Trust Insight specialize in connecting clients with subject-matter experts and consultants in a variety of fields. They claim to have a large network of 20K+ consultants and subject-matter experts. They offer access to current and former C-level executives, and other senior executives, lawyers, scientists, and engineers.

Services offered by Trust Insight include:

  • 1:1 Meetings: In-person or video call meetings with experts
  • Consulting projects: Executives as consultants for strategic planning
  • Roundtables: Insightful debates with industry leaders

How can I join Trust Insight as a consultant?

Trust Insight’s method is to check for public information such as industry papers and LinkedIn for experts. If you have a publicly visible LinkedIn profile with a clear description of your past experience, job titles and employers, it’s very likely that Trust Insight will be able to find you when they have a project which is a good match. Besides this, you can also use the contact form on their website if you want to be proactive in terms of adding your name to their database.

What type of consulting jobs can I expect?

Typical clients of an expert network like Trust Insight include investment funds, private equity funds and consultancies. Clients are often Brazilian, or international clients investing in Brazil. The format is usually a one-hour phone call where you’ll be asked questions related to a specific industry or company linked to your past experience. This type of consultancy job is entirely on an ad-hoc basis, meaning that you’ll only get contacted if and when Trust Insight has a project matching your background.

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