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What is Tegus Expert Network?

Tegus is an expert network that connects subject matter specialists with clients doing extensive research on a company, product or market. They come from many industries and have a wide range of experience. These experts are often former employees, competitors, or key influences of the business the client is researching.

Tegus was established in 2016 by Michael Elnick and Thomas Elnick, an AlphaSights associate. The two served as co-founders and co-CEOs. In November 2021, Oberndorf Enterprises led a $90 million Series A funding round, and Willoughby Capital invested $1.5 million in venture capital. The company purchased BamSEC in late 2021. This platform makes it easy for users to access and use SEC filings.

Tegus has its headquarters in Chicago and a European office located in Waterford, Ireland. More than 300 employees work for the company, which serves more than 1,000 customers.

How does the consultation happen?

A typical Tegus consulting project is between 45-and 60 minutes. The client needs to learn from experts who have extensive hands-on experience quickly. Expert network consulting with companies like Tegus can provide a great source of additional income. The firm has high hourly rates, and schedules calls conveniently for the consultant. Projects are often very short, with little preparation and no follow-up.

Tegus is a specialist network that focuses on investors. It works with mutual fund managers and venture capitalists, while some expert networks focus more on clients. Tegus claim it has hosted over 20,000 client calls and arranges more than 900 per month. The transcripts of all Tegus client calls can be accessed by the entire client base, in a unique twist to the expert network model.

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Tegus Expert Network
Tegus Expert Network
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