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Receipt Hog Review 

Receipt Hog is a mobile app which enables consumers to earn rewards by submitting their receipts regularly. Data extracted from the receipts are used to analyse consumer behaviour by market research companies on behalf of leading brands. The receipt data is extremely valuable since it enables market researchers to track how you do your shopping across different types of devices, online stores, and regular high-street stores. By leveraging data across different channels, market researchers can identify growth opportunities by comparing how brands perform across different segments.

Is Receipt Hog a legit survey site? 

ReceiptPal is owned by a firm called Numerator, which Kantar Group again owns. Numerator and Kantar are well-established market research companies that can be fully trusted. The app has been downloaded 5M times on Android and has 143K reviews on the App Store with an average of 4.7 in terms of rating. This means we’re dealing with a legit app that can be trusted and has received surprisingly high reviews (compared to other survey apps).

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

Receipt Hog is quite a hog when it comes to being hungry for data. Here’s a list of some of the data points which will be tracked (from the Google Play Store):

  • Location
  • Personal info (Name, Email address, User IDs, Address, Phone number, Race and ethnicity, Political or religious beliefs, Sexual orientation, and Others)
  • Financial info (Purchase history and Other financial info)
  • Health and fitness info
  • Messages
  • Emails
  • Photos and videos
  • Audio
  • Voice or sound recordings
  • App interactions and Other user-generated content
  • App info and performance
  • Device or other IDs

Market research companies use this type of data to share it in aggregate form with their clients when presenting the results. Your data will not be used for anything other than for market research and analysis purposes. This means that the owner of the data (Numerator/Kantar) will not sell your personal data for 3rd party companies to contact you. Since we deal with legitimate research firms, you can be confident that your data is treated according to privacy regulations. However, we always recommend reviewing the privacy policy to understand how your data is treated fully.

How to get started 

Getting started with Receipt Hog is easy. You’ll need to download and install the mobile app (no browser version is available), confirm your phone number and fill out some basic profiling questions. You’ll earn virtual “coins” when uploading your paper receipts, completing surveys, and linking your account to Amazon and other shopping accounts. You can also connect your email account to make it even easier to upload receipts digitally. In addition to earning virtual coins by performing these tasks, you can also participate in monthly sweepstakes. 

What about the user experience? 

The Receipt Hog user experience is generally really good. The developers have made it easy and smooth to upload your receipts, and we didn’t experience any bugs when testing the app for several weeks. The only downside is that some of the receipts and businesses will be rejected, plus the limitations on earning coins (see below).

How much can you make on Receipt Hog? 

You’ll earn 20 coins for each receipt you upload, and you’ll need 1000 coins to redeem $5. As such, you must upload 50 receipts before cashing out your hard-earned coins. You can only upload three receipts per day, meaning it will take you at least 16 days to earn enough to redeem $5 purely based on submitting receipts. In other words, don’t expect to earn more than $10 per month. Having said that, there are some other earning opportunities such as sweepstakes and taking surveys which could increase your earnings.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

The most common reason for not being able to cash out is not reaching the payment threshold of 1000 coins. In other words, if you decide to sign up, you’ll need to be persistent enough to scan enough receipts to meet the minimum payment amount. Also, remember that not all of the receipts you scan will be accepted, as some will not be readable. 

7.4Expert Score
ReceiptHog Review Summary
Receipt Hog is a well-functioning app which will reward you for uploading your receipts. If you don't mind sharing your shopping data, this can be an easy way to earn a few extra bucks per month.
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Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • User-friendly app
  • A very simple way to earn rewards
  • You get a digital record of your receipts
  • Slow accumulation of virtual coins
  • Not all receipts are accepted

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