Norstat’s acquisition of Panelbase – Will it change the UK data collection landscape?

Norstat’s recent acquisition of Panelbase, a prominent independent data collection provider in the UK, has drawn attention in the market. The move is being hailed as a strategic step to strengthen Norstat’s presence in Western Europe and reinforce its position as a leading data collection company in Europe. Industry experts closely watch this development to assess its potential impact on the data collection landscape.

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The integration of Panelbase is seen as a promising opportunity for Norstat to expand its reach in the UK market. By leveraging Panelbase’s proprietary panels and established market position, Norstat aims to provide high-quality data on consumer and B2B markets in the UK to its clients across Europe and beyond. This strategic alignment is expected to create a solid platform for organic growth and open up new possibilities for clients seeking valuable insights.

The addition of approximately 370,000-panel members from Panelbase to Norstat’s UK consumer panel is viewed as a significant boost to the company’s capacity to collect data. With more resources at its disposal, Norstat is better positioned to meet the demands of its growing client base. However, some experts caution that managing a larger panel brings its own set of challenges in maintaining data quality and ensuring effective engagement with panellists.

Leadership appointments resulting from the acquisition, such as Paul Wealleans taking on the role of Managing Director for Norstat UK & Ireland and Jacob Lagerstedt assuming the position of Regional Director for Norstat’s International, UK & Ireland markets, are seen as essential moves to ensure smooth integration and continuity. Wealleans and Lagerstedt’s expertise will be critical in guiding the combined company through this transition phase.

Mats Beck, Chief Strategy and M&A Officer of Norstat remains positive about the acquisition and highlights Norstat’s past successful integrations as a reassuring factor. While challenges may arise during the integration process, Beck expresses confidence in the company’s ability to overcome them and create a stronger, more versatile data collection platform.

As Norstat and Panelbase embark on this new journey together, the industry eagerly anticipates the outcome. The success of this acquisition could potentially reshape the data collection landscape in Europe and enhance the services offered to clients seeking reliable market insights. Only time will tell how this strategic move will impact Norstat’s growth trajectory and position in the competitive market research industry.

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