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Nathan Research Group Review

Founded in 2013 and located in South Korea, Nathan Research Group claims to be the country’s largest and most reputable expert network. One of the company’s marquee innovations is its product offerings to tech buyers. It is also a leading provider of executive recruitment services for global enterprises. Its clients include major corporations, investment banks and venture capital firms.

Experts in primary research

Established in 2013, this is a primary research firm focused on delivering high-quality experts to clients worldwide. Clients include multinational corporations, global consulting firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, and asset management companies.​ Clients rely on Nathan Research Group to promptly provide the best possible experts and consultants. 

Leverage your expertise

Nathan Research Group allows subject matter experts to share knowledge and get financially compensated for their time. They serve an extremely diverse mix of professional services firms in over ten countries. Clients include multinational corporations, global consulting firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, asset management companies and many other professional services firms.

Full flexibility towards assignments

Their expert network is designed to be convenient and flexible for advisors. You may participate in projects based on your availability, knowledge, and comfort level with the subject matter under discussion. You will not be obligated to accept any particular project or be restricted from performing other consulting work.

Handling sensitive information

Nathan Research Group will never share or publicize your information without your consent. It is against their policy for you to discuss confidential or material, non-public information during a consultation, and all of their clients will need to agree that they will not deliberately ask you to disclose any such information. Your personal information is kept confidential and is never sold to third parties.

A strong focus on compliance

Compliance is the basis for their business and service policy. Nathan Research Group has developed a robust compliance platform to help its clients and experts avoid potential risks and engage in appropriate, conflict-free circumstances. Their comprehensive compliance platform is supported by training, evaluation and corrective action in a way that proactively diminishes risks for the company and its clients. 

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