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What is Liahnson & Company?

Liahnson & Company is an expert network headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The firm was started by former managers at Capvision and GLG started Liahnson in 2015.

Focused on Korea, China and Japan

In 2015, Liahnson established one of the first Expert Networks in Asia. Starting in Seoul, Korea, Liahnson has now expanded its Asia service network to China and Japan and has grown to become a trusted knowledge service partner for 50+global leading corporations and strategy consulting firms.

The rapid growth of Liahnson

The rapid growth of Liahnson was based on a deep understanding of clients’ business environment and boutique operation system which provide customized research to the individual client.

Continued expansion

Liahnson has been awarded Korea Venture Technology Certification through continuous R&D system investment and has been selected as a support company by Seoul Metropolitan Government. In addition, Liahnson is preparing to expand their business to Asia’s financial industry as well as emerging markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Signing up as an expert

If you would like to become part of Liahnson’s expert network, you’ll be able to sign up through the website. According to Liahnson, “80,000+ Liahnson industry experts and 3,000,000+ professionals from our global partners connect with clients through our platform. Advisors can select consultation types by preference such as phone, meeting, written and others. Compensation is made to experts for their time spent immediately after the consultation.”


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