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The Hawaii Panel Review 

Hawaii Panel is a straightforward survey site that compensates you for taking their surveys. Paid surveys are the primary source of income on this site. The surveys you will receive will be unique in that they will all be about Hawaii or any product or service that affects Hawaii. The Hawaii Panel is owned and run by Ward Research, Inc., a research firm established in 1980. Ward Research has been supplying expertise to clients representing Hawaii’s Top 250 corporations, the public sector, and non-profit organisations and is one of Hawaii’s most respected research companies.

Is The Hawaii Panel a legit survey site? 

Hawaii Panel is a legitimate survey site. The site makes up Hawaii residents who agreed to participate to receive cash and other rewards. They give opinions on products and services you want in the future and help companies do a better job. The research data is bought by all types of organisations to understand better what Hawaii wants, thus developing effective business strategies.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

The Hawaii Panel promises to keep your data confidential and won’t share your sensitive information with third parties. Personally identifiable information collected through surveys will be used only by the Panel and its operations contractors. It will not be given or sold to a third party without the panellist’s consent.

How to get started 

Joining Hawaii Panel is easy and free. Just complete their brief registration form. After you complete the form, the site will send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm your registered email address, you will soon be able to take part in surveys. Hawaii Panel is available for residents of Hawaii who live in the state for at least six months a year. You must also be 14 years of age or older to qualify.

What about the survey experience? 

Hawaii Panel does not have a mobile app that can be downloaded, but you can access their website from a mobile device using a web browser. Because their site is not optimised for mobile use, you must keep zooming in to read the content correctly. 

When you take a survey, you will be asked a series of qualifying questions to decide if you belong to the demographic for which the survey is designed. Client companies can define the demographic characteristics of their target audience, and the Panel will deliver this niche from among its panel participants.

The actual number of surveys will vary from month to month. Typically, you will be invited to join one online survey per quarter. The average survey lasts 10 minutes, with about 35 questions asked. If you need aid, click Contact Us or email [email protected].

How much can you make on The Hawaii Panel? 

You will receive a certain number of points for each online survey you complete. The average survey earns you 100 points. The minimum account balance of 500 points, equal to $5, is needed to redeem the cash you can withdraw using PayPal. You will need 1000 points ($10) to redeem Amazon gift cards and 2500 points ($25) for iTunes gift cards. Overall, PayPal is the most convenient payment method available.

You can also invite people to join the site. When the person you asked successfully registers to the site, you and your referral will receive 100 points each. 

What can prevent me from cashing out?

Hawaii Panel wants you to answer surveys honestly, which will help shape your community. The site has checks to ensure you are attentive and truthful when taking surveys. Answers that fail these checks will result in your submissions being rejected. Furthermore, you are entitled to one account only. Should you try to create multiple accounts in anticipation of earning more money, this will be considered a fraudulent act, and you will be banned from the site. All money accumulated in your account will be lost.

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The Hawaii Panel Review Summary
Hawaii Panel is a straightforward survey site that pays you for answering their surveys. The surveys you will receive will be all about Hawaii or any product or service that affects the state of Hawaii.
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  • The payout threshold is low.
  • PayPal payment is available.
  • Earning opportunities are limited.
  • Earning potential is extremely limited.
  • Limited for Hawaii residents only.

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