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Clear Voice Surveys Review

In this survey review, we’ll take a closer look at Clear Voice Surveys, which is operated by a US-based market research firm. We have done a thorough test by registering and taking surveys on a regular basis for a period of 8 weeks to see how the site compares to the hundreds of other survey sites we’ve tested. Read our review to find out if registering with Clear Voice Surveys is worth the time and effort.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

Just like any other survey site, the answers you provide in the questionnaires will be shared with the client paying for the research. Without any data sharing, market research would not be possible. Your personal information on the other hand, such as your telephone number and email address will be shared in a more restricted way. However, even if the company operating this panel site is a 100% legitimate business following local data privacy regulations to the point, there is no guarantee of your data leaking out.

Clear Voice data breach

A data breach involving Clear Voice Surveys was actually discovered in April 2021, following the exposure of a backup file. In a statement, Clear Voice explained further: “The files included participant contact information from 2015 (name, email, address, phone number, date of birth), plain text passwords from 2015, and, as applicable, responses to various questions which may include, but not be limited to, health condition, political affiliation, and ethnicity.”

Following the data breach, Clear Voice conducted a thorough review of its system and believes that they have fully addressed this incident. A forced password reset was also done for all panellists and members whose information had been potentially exposed in the backup file.  They have also implemented additional security measures designed to prevent the recurrence of such incidents. Read the whole statement.

clearvoice data breach

What about the survey experience?

The survey quality is not bad in itself, but unfortunately, the amount of screening and profiling questions is overwhelming. Also, you don’t get ANY compensation for filling out all of these questions. We at HuginX think that respondents should get a fair payment based on the total time required to complete a gig. By wasting a massive amount of time answering unpaid screener and profiling questions, the overall compensation is among the worst compared to the hundreds of panel sites we have tested.

How much can you make on Clear Voice Surveys?

On average, ClearVoice surveys pay just under $0.30 per survey, while the majority pay between $0.10-$0.20. This is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to standard paid consumer surveys. You can also participate and win $100 for daily sweepstakes, $250 for weekly, and $1000 for monthly draws. You can also invite friends, and get paid $0.50 when a friend completes the first survey. Rewards are Amazon gift card codes for the US, Canada, and the UK. You cannot request a payout until you’ve accumulated $10.

What can prevent me from cashing out?

First and foremost you need to accumulate enough credits in order to cash out ($10). Based on our experience, we were not able to reach the threshold, even after taking surveys on a daily basis for 8 weeks. ClearVoice also has checks in place to ensure that respondents are attentive and honest when taking surveys. Failure to pass these checks will have your submissions rejected or your account suspended.

Summary – Pros and Cons

While ClearVoice offers certain advantages, such as the availability of sweepstakes and a range of gift card options, there are notable drawbacks that warrant a critical evaluation. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of signing up with Clear Voice to determine if it’s a worthwhile endeavour.

On the positive side, Clear Voice presents the allure of sweepstakes, offering users a chance to win exciting prizes beyond the standard rewards. This feature can be appealing to those who enjoy the element of luck and desire the opportunity to win something substantial. Additionally, the site provides several gift card options as rewards, allowing users to choose from a variety of retailers, enhancing flexibility and personalization.

However, the positives must be weighed against the negatives. One significant drawback of Clear Voice is the relatively low rewards offered for completed surveys. Users may find themselves investing substantial time and effort into surveys only to receive minimal compensation. This low reward structure raises concerns about the value placed on participants’ contributions, potentially leaving them feeling under-compensated for their time and opinions.

Another point of contention is the presence of long unpaid profiling questions. Clear Voice often includes extensive profiling surveys at the beginning of the sign-up process, requiring users to provide detailed information about themselves without any immediate compensation. This practice can be frustrating for participants, who may feel that their time and effort are being exploited without receiving adequate compensation in return.

Adding to the list of concerns is Clear Voice’s history of data breaches. The site has experienced past security incidents, raising questions about the safety and privacy of user information. These data breach incidents undermine users’ trust in the platform, making it difficult to confidently share personal details and opinions.

Do we recommend ClearVoiceSurveys?

The combination of a historic data breach, very low compensation and a high amount of unpaid profiling questions make Clear Voice Surveys a very unattractive proposition in our book. If you’re looking for a solid consumer panel site paying a fair amount of compensation, check our constantly updated list of top survey sites.

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Clear Voice Surveys Review Summary
Ultimately, the decision to sign up with Clear Voice depends on individual priorities and risk tolerance. Those who value the chance of winning sweepstakes and appreciate gift card options may find some merit in the platform. However, it is essential to consider the potential drawbacks, including low rewards, unpaid profiling questions, and concerns over data security. For users who prioritize higher rewards and stronger data privacy measures, exploring alternative survey sites makes much more sense.
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  • Availability of sweepstakes
  • Several gift card options
  • Low rewards
  • Too many unpaid profiling questions
  • History of a data breach

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