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Life Fun & Everything Review

Life Fun & Everything is a consumer panel run by the market research firm MarketCast. This is a panel exclusively used by a single research agency, so the experience will be different than joining a panel site and working with multiple clients. Consequently, you’ll get fewer survey opportunities and potentially higher rewards.

What is MarketCast?

MarketCast is a market research and consulting firm that provides insights, analytics, and strategic planning to clients in the entertainment and media industry. They offer various services, including market analysis, consumer research, and strategic planning to help clients make informed decisions about their businesses.

What’s in it for me?

Don’t expect to get bombarded with survey invitations. Actually, all we got was one single survey opportunity per month after signing up. The monthly survey takes me less than 10 minutes to fill out, paying $2 per survey, which is good compared to most run-of-the-mill survey sites. On the flip side, they only pay after reaching $25, so it will potentially take me 13 months to get rewarded (unless we start to receive more surveys).

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Life Fun and Everything Review Summary
If you're looking to earn money from taking surveys regularly, this is not the right place to sign up. At the time of writing, they only send out a single survey invitation per month. It's well paid, though, so if you're patient, you'll get your $25 reward after 13 months...
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  • High rewards ($2 per survey)
  • Quick to fill in
  • Very high minimum payment threshold ($25)
  • Few survey opportunities (only one per month)

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Life Fun and Everything
Life Fun and Everything
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