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Mobrog Review

Mobrog is a panel site that pays its members to take online surveys. It’s completely free for anyone to sign up, and you can choose to take surveys through your browser or the Mobrog mobile app (Android and iOS). In this review of Mobrog, we’ll take a closer look at how easy it is to register on their platform, how the survey experience is and how much money you can expect to get paid.


Andreea Stan – Our Expert: Andreea is from Timisoara, Romania with a background from user experience (UX) research. Her UX knowledge comes in really handy when reviewing survey experience. Originally joining HuginX as a freelancer, she is now a regular contributor to site. When Andreea is not working with panel reviews, she enjoys old classic movies and she has a passion for baking.

Is Mobrog a legit survey site?

Launched in 2011, MOBROG is a part of Splendid Research GmbH, based in Germany. Splendid is one of the largest data providers in the market research industry, helping research agencies and businesses improve and launch new products and services. As a member of Mobrog, you can trust that your money will be paid out as long as you’ll stick to their rules and provide honest answers.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

Mobrog’s parent company Splendid Research follows the ESOMAR guidelines, which means they comply with GDPR and European data privacy standards. You’ll need to give your explicit consent for Mobrog to process your personal data when signing up, and if you’re concerned about how the data will be used, we recommend checking through the privacy policy. In general, how it works is that your survey answers will be shared with other 3rd companies, while your PII (personally identifiable information) will remain confidential with Mobrog. When filling out surveys, you should not be asked PII questions such as e-mail address and phone number. 

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How to get started

As long as you meet the minimum age requirement, everyone is welcome to register on Mobrog. As part of the sign-up process, you’ll be asked to fill in your basic demographic information, including postcode and education level. Although not mandatory, you’ll also be asked to fill in additional profiling questions, such as your shopping habits and interests. The good thing about earning money by taking online surveys is that it comes with zero commitment. You can take surveys whenever you feel like it and any time of the day. If you’re bored on the bus home from work, you can take a survey on Mobrog’s mobile app or take surveys at work from your desktop during your lunch break.  

What about the survey experience?

Mobrog is a general consumer panel, which means you’ll encounter surveys on various topics. What’s important to keep in mind is that you’ll be asked a set of qualifying questions before the real survey starts. If you don’t qualify for a survey, you’ll usually get told within the first 5-10 questions, and you will be redirected back without getting paid. You can ensure that surveys are better matched with your profile by answering more profiling questions, so you’ll be screened out less. What’s good about Mobrog is that they always state how long the survey is in terms of minutes and how much you will get paid, so you can also choose to participate depending on how much time you have available.

How much can you make on Mobrog?

Most surveys on MOBROG pay anywhere from $0.50 to $3, but it varies a lot depending on complexity and survey length. This is quite average compared to similar panel sites. You’ll need to meet the minimum threshold before Mobrog issues a payment. The minimum threshold varies by country but is usually between $5 to $10. From that perspective, you should expect to take at least 10 surveys before you can redeem your money. In addition to this, you can also earn money on mobrog by referring friends and family. Payments are issued through PayPal or Skrill. 

What will prevent me from getting paid on Mobrog?

A legit market research company runs Mobrog, and they focus a lot on the quality of your responses. As such, you can expect so-called “trap questions or “red herrings” within the surveys to detect if you’re paying attention or not. If you are caught submitting inconsistent answers, you’ll risk that your answers are dismissed, and in the worst case, you’ll get kicked out of the panel. Also, note that your PayPal/Skrill account details need to match your Mobrog profile in terms of name and address. Keep in mind that you’re only allowed one account per user and that survey sites have developed sophisticated tools to detect duplicate answers within a survey.

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MOBROG Review Summary
Mobrog is a solid panel site run by a serious German market research provider. The payments are average, but you'll get what it says on the tin; you'll get total transparency when it comes to payment and time spent per survey. While there is no wow factor about Mobrog, this is a panel we can recommend for everyone looking for an easy way to earn some extra money.
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  • A high amount of survey matches
  • Consistent survey quality
  • Opportunity to earn extra cash
  • Rewards in line with survey length and efforts
  • Transparent approach when it comes to payments
  • Lots of screening questions
  • Average incentive levels

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