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Rakuten Insight Surveys Review

Rakuten Insight is a Japanese market research firm operating survey sites all over the world, including the US and larger markets such as UK, Germany and France. Like many other survey sites, they offer virtual points in return for your survey answers. Once you have accumulated enough points, and have been validated as a genuine respondent, you’ll be able to redeem your reward through PayPal or a selection of gift cards, such as Amazon (rewards differ from country to country). We signed up with them to check if taking Rakuten surveys is worth the time.

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company that operates a wide variety of services, including e-commerce, online banking, travel booking, credit card, and market research. The company was founded in 1997 by Hiroshi Mikitani, and it has since grown into one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, with a presence in over 29 countries and regions. Rakuten operates an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, similar to Amazon or eBay.

It also operates several subsidiaries, including Rakuten Viber (a messaging app), Rakuten Kobo (an e-book platform), and Rakuten Insight.   Rakuten’s business model is based on its philosophy of “omotenashi,” a Japanese concept of hospitality that emphasizes putting the customer’s needs first. Rakuten’s goal is to create a personalized, customer-focused shopping experience that prioritizes the individual needs of each shopper.

Ways to earn money with Rakuten Surveys

Earning money with Rakuten Surveys is straightforward. By completing surveys you’ll earn virtual points, and when you have accumulated enough points to redeem, you can exchange your points into cash through Paypal or a gift card. The minimum threshold to redeem varies per country and reward-type. In the US the minimum redemption limit is $5 if you prefer to redeem through PayPal. 100 points equal $1, and the pay per survey is usually in the range of 40-60 points for 10-20 minutes surveys.

Examples of surveys we’ve been invited to:

  • Survey on consumer electronic brands: 15 minutes – 50 points – $0.50
  • Frequent travelling study – 12 minutes – 60 points – $0.60
  • Media consumption preferences – 8 minutes – 40 points – $0.40
  • Electric vehicle study – 15 minutes – 70 points – $0.70

Here are a few more examples of studies you’ll be asked to participate in when registering on Rakuten Surveys:

  • Consumer behaviour and preferences related to a specific product or service, such as smartphones, food, or transportation.
  • Attitudes and behaviours related to health and wellness, including exercise, nutrition, and stress management.
  • Perception of a brand’s reputation and image, including customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Purchase and consumption behaviour of a certain demographic group, such as age, gender, or income level.
  • The effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns in promoting a product or service.
  • Perception of e-commerce platforms and online shopping experiences.
  • The influence of social media and other digital platforms on consumer behaviour and attitudes.

Any drawbacks to taking surveys with Rakuten?

  • Limited income potential: Rakuten Surveys typically pay a small amount of money, and it can take a significant amount of time to earn a meaningful income. It may not be a reliable source of income to meet your financial needs.
  • Inconsistent work: Rakuten Survey opportunities may not be consistent or regular, and you may not always qualify for surveys that are available.
  • Time-consuming: Taking Rakuten Surveys can be time-consuming and may not be worth the effort for the amount of compensation received. It may be better to focus on other sources of income that offer higher pay rates for the same amount of time and effort.

What we like about Rakuten Surveys

Unlike many other survey sites that require you to accumulate as much as $20 before being able to redeem, Rakuten Surveys offer a low redemption threshold of $5.  This makes it relatively easy to access your rewards. The quality of the surveys is also good in comparison with other sites.

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Rakuten Insight Surveys US Review Summary
Rakuten Surveys has a low payment threshold, which makes it relatively easy to cash out for the first time. On the flip side, filling out screener questions takes quite a lot of time and you don't get paid for it.
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  • Low withdrawal limit
  • Interesting survey topics
  • Infrequent survey opportunities
  • Many screener questions

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