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Opinista Review

Welcome to our review of Opinista, a survey site that specializes in conducting surveys and collecting data from consumers. If you’re interested in taking surveys for rewards, this review will provide you with valuable information to help you decide if Opinista is the right survey site for you.

Hold on, what is actually Opinista?

A key point for respondents to understand is that Cint Group AB is behind the survey portal they are signing up for. In this sense, Opinista is merely a landing page brand which is used to generate new survey participants for another company. Confused?

You’re not the only one. We at HuginX think it’s really important for respondents to be fully aware of which company they are signing up for. Curiously enough, the privacy policy of Cint states that it’s their partner – in this case, Opinista – which is the data controller. This is a bit concerning, as you don’t want to get stuck between two chairs if you have questions or concerns.

Is Opinista a legit company?

While we cannot vouch for the people behind the landing page, we can reassure you that Cint Group AB is a legitimate market research provider listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Cint has made a number of acquisitions in recent years and is one of the top 5 global providers when it comes to data for the market research industry. As such you can be sure to receive a constant flow of survey opportunities on a broad range of subjects.

Potential drawbacks of signing up with Opinista

  1. Disqualifications: The portal uses pre-screening questions to match survey takers with surveys that fit their demographics. However, these screening questions can lead to disqualifications if a survey taker doesn’t fit the target profile. This can be frustrating for survey takers who spend time on the survey but ultimately don’t qualify to complete it.
  2. Low Rewards: The rewards offered can be relatively low compared to other survey sites. This means that survey takers may need to complete a large number of surveys to accumulate a significant amount of rewards.
  3. Limited Survey Availability: While the platform has a large pool of potential respondents, the number of surveys available to each individual survey taker may be limited. This can be frustrating for survey takers who are looking to earn rewards quickly or participate in surveys on a regular basis.
  4. Technical Issues: Some survey takers have reported technical issues with Cint’s survey portal, such as surveys freezing or not properly recording completed surveys. While these issues may not be common, they can be frustrating for survey takers when they do occur.

Also, note that survey platform providers like Cint are focusing a lot on anti-fraud detection. This frequently leads to false positives, which is frustrating for users being incorrectly classified as inattentive or fraudulent respondents. If you experience this, make sure to complain to Cint’s user support.

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Opinista Review Summary
You're actually signing up to Cint Group AB, and not Opinista. Cint is one of the largest market research providers in the world, and you can expect to see a lot of 3rd party surveys coming your way. The quality is not always the best, but if you're patient you'll eventually earn your reward.
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  • You can take your surveys whenever and wherever you want.
  • It is very simple to find open surveys
  • A legit company with well-written surveys
  • Hard to qualify
  • Lack of transparency
  • Low rewards
  • Aggressive anti-fraud detection

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