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Founded in Oxford, UK, Prolific is primarily used by academics, but can also be used by startups, developers of products and market researchers, pollsters, and other people interested in understanding what people think. By connecting people from all over the globe, the company enable data collection that is fast, reliable, and high-quality. Prolific’s main mission is to make reliable data more easily available to improve decision-making and human knowledge.

As a survey-taker, you’ll notice that the questionnaires are slightly different from the standard commercial surveys, with a deeper focus on academic topics. Prolific has a fair and transparent approach to incentives giving respondents full visibility on the value of rewards and the time it takes to fulfil the survey. They provide a high degree of flexibility and adaptation to what is important for survey-takers and include red herring questions to check if respondents are truly attentive.

Here you can explore reviews of the panel communities run by Prolific:


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Prolific Academic
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