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Xperts Council is a small, but growing, network of experts that has offices in London, Paris, and Porto. Founded in 2013, it is connected to the best investment firms in central and southern Europe, as well as with top-tier universities. Its core focus is 100% custom sourcing, and its network of contacts includes some of the world’s top minds in the field. To learn more about Xperts Council, please visit its website.

Founded in France, Xperts Council is a start-up that aims to connect high-level professionals and investors with independent posts. Its headquarters is in Montrouge, France, and it has offices in London and Porto. It focuses on global companies and has offices in the UK, Portugal, and France. Its website contains the latest news, information, and resources to help businesses navigate the world of expertise.

Founded in 2011, Experts Council has one goal: to help clients reach the highest levels of success by connecting them with operational experts. It offers interviews with operational experts who share their real-life experience, allowing C-Level executives to make the best decisions. The interviews with experts help clients improve their understanding of a specific sector and avoid the pitfalls that often sabotage business plans. With access to unbiased opinions, you can build your company’s knowledge and avoid pitfalls that can cost you time and money.

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Xperts Council
Xperts Council
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