Expert Network Xperiti acquired by Ipsos

Market research firm Ipsos has acquired the AI-driven expert network Xperiti in a bid to rapidly expand its B2B research capabilities.

xperiti expert network

Founded in 2019 by Yadin Soffer, Xperiti is an expert network platform which uses AI technology, including natural language processing (NLP) and scraping technology, to recruit business professionals across 130 countries and more than 90 industries in real time. This enables the company to connect clients with experts willing to participate in a phone or video-based research.

Ipsos says the acquisition will directly improve its own ‘experts recruitment’ capabilities while optimizing its B2B research capabilities globally; and will enable it to develop a large-scale, global B2B Expert Insights Platform.

Ipsos CEO┬áBen Page┬ácomments: ‘B2B is one of the largest and fastest-growing sub-sectors in market research due to ongoing investments in digital transformation. With Xperiti’s technology and expertise, we will meet the growing demand for large-scale, scientifically rigorous and fast B2B research.

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