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What Would Mums Say Review

What Would Mums Say is a UK-based consumer research panel where participants can earn money by completing surveys. This is a panel which is free for anyone to join but is primarily aimed at mothers of babies and young children. Mothers of babies are a particularly sought after target-group for market research companies, and you can be guaranteed to receive a lot of survey invitations.

The largest share of household purchases is made by mums, and it’s estimated that they spend more than $2 trillion annually in the US alone. It’s not surprising that many market research companies are keen to reach this powerful demographic, given their enormous spending power.

what would mums say review

Why mums are so important when it comes to market research

Motherhood has seen a lot of changes over the past few decades. Mums now face unique challenges and opportunities. According to research by Mintel International Group a top market intelligence agency, mothers today are more likely to be older. The cost of raising children is increasing and moms are working longer.

Mums today are bombarded with more information than ever before. There is a constant stream of parenting advice and tips on social media. Contrary to the Baby Boomers, Millennial parents are more focused on perfection and strive to live their best lives.

It can be difficult to understand mums’ needs and preferences, as well as their consumer preferences and behaviour. This is especially true since mums are such an eclectic group. Market Researchers must keep up-to-date and share brand messaging that is relevant to the modern mums’ needs. Otherwise, their campaigns could be lost in the background or sound tone-deaf.

How to take surveys with What Would Mums Say

It’s easy. Fill in your details on the sign-up page and you will receive a link to the application form to confirm your membership. You can participate in the surveys through your guardian or parent if you are under 18 years old.

You will receive an email welcoming you to What would Mums Say. Then you’ll start receiving email invitations to participate in surveys and after you have completed the survey, you will be eligible to earn points which can be redeemed for cash or vouchers.

what would mums say review

What should I be aware of?

Make sure to fill out your personal profile information, especially when it comes to your household demographics such as location, age, children, income and education. This will enable Dynata (the owner of the panel) to send you targeted invitations to surveys which are relevant to your situation – in this case, surveys related to families and children. However, note that this is not an exclusive panel only for mothers of babies, and you will also experience receiving surveys on a broad range of consumer topics totally irrelevant to children.

What will prevent me from earning rewards?

Keep in mind that you will be tested when it comes to attentiveness. What does this mean? If you fill out answers randomly without reading through the questions, you might be at risk of losing what you have earned. This is because survey companies often include trap-question to check if you are paying attention or not. Same with writing gibberish answers to open-ended questions; text analysis tools will quickly pick up on this leading to your answers being disregarded.

How much should I expect to earn?

Let’s keep this realistic, it’s not going to be £100’s daily. Look at this as an opportunity to earn some extra pocket money; taking a survey every other day might just get you to £10 within a month’s time. And with targeted surveys you’re interested in, you might just have some fun in the process.


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What Would Mums Say Review Summary
What Would Mums Say gives the impression of being an exclusive club for mothers of children. In reality, you will be bombarded with surveys on a range of different topics (including family/motherhood-oriented surveys). It's a legit panel, and you can trust that you will eventually get your reward, but keep in mind that it will take quite some time before you reach the minimum threshold for redemption.
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  • Frequent invitations
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Survey design for mobile devices
  • Surveys are quick and easy to complete
  • Multimedia in surveys does not always work well
  • Low incentives for standard consumer surveys
  • Survey topics not exclusively targeted towards mothers of children
  • It takes time to reach the redemption threshold

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