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Vetspanel Review is a site consisting of veterinary professionals who come together to provide their expertise and opinions on various topics related to veterinary medicine. By providing thoughts and opinions through online surveys, veterinarians can earn rewards as compensation.

Who can join Vetspanel?

The members of a veterinary panel may include veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and other veterinary professionals, and they are typically selected based on their expertise, experience, and willingness to participate. Through veterinary surveys, members may participate in discussions, answer questions, or provide feedback on various topics related to veterinary medicine.

Market research companies and veterinary product manufacturers often use veterinary panels as a way to gather valuable insights and feedback from practising veterinarians on products, treatments, and services. This information can be used to improve the quality of products and treatments, as well as to identify areas for future research and development.

What type of surveys will I get?

Vetspanel will invite you to surveys encompassing a wide range of topics related to veterinary medicine and animal health. Some common types of market research that may involve veterinarians include:

  1. Product testing: Veterinarians may be asked to test and provide feedback on new veterinary products, such as drugs, medical devices, and diagnostic tools.
  2. Treatment practices: Vetspanel may gather information on treatment practices used by veterinarians, including the type and frequency of treatments used, the patients they are used on, and the outcomes of the treatments.
  3. Patient demographics: Vetspanel often focuses on patient demographics, such as the type and number of animals seen by veterinarians, the geographic distribution of their patients, and the socioeconomic characteristics of their clients.
  4. Market analysis: Veterinarians may participate in Vetspanel surveys to help analyze the size and growth potential of various veterinary markets, such as the pet food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the animal health insurance market.
  5. Attitudes and perceptions: Vetspanel also focuses on veterinarians’ attitudes and perceptions towards various topics, such as the use of alternative therapies, the cost of veterinary care, and the relationship between veterinarians and pet owners.

Do I get paid?

Yes, you do get paid. But only after accumulating a certain number of points. Points can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal, vouchers (e.g Amazon, iTunes) or donated to a charity.

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A unique online panel only for veterinarians.
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  • Professional surveys for veterinarians
  • Payout as promised
  • Transparent about the length of surveys
  • An extensive range of incentives
  • Surveys are too complicated for screening questions
  • When you're stuck in a survey, it can be hard to find help.
  • Screening questions can take a while to answer

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