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Univox Community – Survey Site Review

Univox Community is a survey site that promises to reward users for sharing their opinions. Is this really the case? In this review, we’ll take an honest look at the benefits and drawbacks of joining the Univox Community.

Daniel Williams Reviewer

Andrew: Andrew is one of our reviewers who’s been with HuginX the longest. With a background in membership support at one of the largest survey companies, Andrew has a lot of inside knowledge of the Market Research industry and has helped us refine our reviewing criteria. When Andrew is not working with reviews, he likes to go hiking with his dog Charlie. 

Is Univox Community a legit survey site? 

Univox Community is owned by Market Cube, which was acquired by Sago (previously Schlesinger Group) in 2020. Sago is a well-known provider of research participants in the market research industry and is a member of ESOMAR, the most important market research association. The ESOMAR membership signifies that Univox Community follows ethical guidelines and upholds certain standards in data collection and research practices.

However, despite these positive aspects, there are a number of concerns that cast doubt on the Univox Community’s legitimacy. One notable issue is the high payout threshold, which requires users to accumulate a significant number of points before they can redeem their earnings.

Another big issue is the fact that they suspend accounts after first allowing users to take a high volume of surveys over a long period of time. Here are some of the complains on Trustpilot:

Univox community revew

One of many Univox users complaining about account suspension (from Trustpilot).

Their suspension policy raises questions about the transparency and fairness of Univox Community’s operations. Users may find themselves subjected to arbitrary judgment without clear evidence or specific details regarding their alleged violations. The lack of transparency leaves users feeling frustrated and deceived, as they are denied the rewards they rightfully earned.

Furthermore, the practice of suspending accounts during the redemption process undermines the trust between the platform and its users. It raises doubts about Univox Community’s commitment to rewarding participants fairly and may discourage individuals from engaging further with the site or recommending it to others.

univox account suspension

Standard email received by Univox members getting their account blocked

HuginX’s view on this: We 100% understand that survey sites require honest and attentive answers from their survey takers. This is the foundation for legitimate market research. If the underlying data cannot be trusted, the research is worthless.

However: Allowing survey takers to take a high volume of surveys before eventually suspending their account after months of activity feels very unfair. Account suspension when attempting to redeem rewards not only hampers the user experience but also undermines the legitimacy and credibility of the Univox Community as a survey site.

That’s why it’s crucial for survey platforms to establish clear guidelines and detect dishonest answers or false information from the beginning when a survey taker joins.

To summarize, Univox as a business is no doubt legit. However, their treatment of survey participants leaves serious doubts about their ethics.

A credible market research company should care just as much about their respondents as about their clients.

What’s the concept?

Univox’s owner Sago capitalizes on valuable market research data generated by its users, selling it to clients seeking consumer insights.

By offering rewards, Univox Community creates an environment where users willingly divulge their opinions, preferences, and personal information. This treasure trove of data becomes the foundation of Sago’s business model, which revolves around packaging and selling this information to market research clients.

univox survey dashboard

To help you get the full picture, here are two typical examples of surveys:

Tech-savvy Generation Z: In an attempt to understand the preferences and habits of the digitally native Generation Z, Univox Community might conduct a survey targeting individuals aged 16-24. Questions could revolve around their preferred social media platforms, online shopping habits, smartphone usage patterns, and attitudes towards privacy. This data, once collected and packaged by Sago, becomes a valuable resource for marketers looking to tap into the rapidly evolving consumer behaviours of this demographic.

Luxury travel enthusiasts: Univox Community may also target a group of individuals with a penchant for luxury travel experiences. Through a survey tailored to their preferences, the platform could explore topics such as preferred travel destinations, accommodation choices, expenditure patterns, and the influence of social media on their travel decisions. This data becomes a valuable asset for travel companies and tourism boards seeking to refine their marketing strategies and design exclusive experiences for this specific consumer segment.

univox panel review

How much can you make on Univox Community? 

It’s easy to get tempted to join with the prospect of earning different types of rewards such as PayPal payments, Amazon vouchers, and debit cards. However, a closer examination of the reward system reveals some limitations that users should be aware of before dedicating their time and efforts to this platform.

univox rewards page

On average, each survey completed on Univox Community is worth approximately 30 points. With a redemption threshold set at $25, where each point holds a value of $0.01, users must accumulate a substantial number of points before they can claim their rewards. Doing the math, it becomes clear that an average survey is worth around $0.30 (30 points x $0.01 per point), meaning that users need to complete approximately 83 surveys (or tasks of equivalent value) to reach the payment threshold.

It is worth noting that Univox Community does offer a join bonus of 200 points to new members. While this bonus provides a small boost to the user’s points balance, it does not significantly alter the overall calculation. Even with the join bonus factored in, users still need to complete a substantial number of surveys before they can redeem their earnings.

This redemption process can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially considering that users are required to invest considerable effort to complete each survey. The high number of surveys necessary to reach the payment threshold raises questions about the platform’s commitment to rewarding users fairly and promptly for their time and opinions.


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The risk of account suspension and forfeited points

The Univox community survey site has implemented a strict fraud detection policy aimed at ensuring the integrity of its data collection process. While this policy has its benefits, it also has its downsides, and the debate over its efficacy is a contentious one.

On the one hand, the pro argument for having a strict fraud detection policy is clear. Accurate data is crucial in any research endeavour. After all, the Univox community’s goal is to provide reliable, trustworthy data. By detecting and preventing fraudulent responses, the site ensures that its data is representative of the population it is studying. Additionally, the site’s strict policy can act as a deterrent, dissuading potential fraudsters from attempting to skew the results.

univox redemption page

Univox rewards page: If you reach a higher status, the redemption threshold is reduced and you get access to additional reward options such as PayPal.

On the other hand, a policy driven by aggressive anti-fraud algorithms can result in a high number of false positives, which can lead to legitimate users having their accounts blocked without justification. This can cause frustration and disillusionment among users who are genuinely interested in participating in the surveys.

Many complaints on BBB

Univox has received a significant number of complaints from customers on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. The company has a rating of only 2.14 out of 5 stars on the BBB (in May 2023), with a total of 37 complaints registered in the past 3 years.

Some of the most common complaints include issues with payments, particularly delayed payments or payments not being made at all. Many customers have also complained about being disqualified from surveys after spending significant time and effort answering preliminary questions. Other complaints have been related to poor customer service, with customers feeling ignored or brushed off when trying to resolve issues with the company.

While it’s worth noting that not all customers who use Univox have negative experiences, the sheer volume of complaints raises some concerns about the company’s business practices. In particular, the issues with payments and customer service suggest that the company may not be prioritizing the needs and concerns of its survey takers.

It’s also worth noting that Univox has been slow to respond to many of these complaints on the BBB website, with some customers reporting that they have not received any response at all. This lack of engagement with users who are experiencing issues is concerning.

univox complaint

Example of a complaint to Better Business Bureau (BBB) in March 2023 where Univox admit to a “technical error” causing account suspension.

It is important to strike a balance between accuracy and inclusivity. Univox community’s strict policy may have its advantages, but it must also be careful to avoid false positives and exclude certain groups from participating. Ultimately, a nuanced and thoughtful approach to fraud detection in combination with responsive member support is necessary to achieve a good user experience.

Pros and cons of signing up for Univox

On the positive side, the platform offers cash payments, providing users with a tangible reward for their efforts. Additionally, the join bonus is a welcome incentive for new members, giving them a head start in accumulating rewards. The inclusion of a disqualification reward also ensures that users receive some compensation even when they don’t qualify for a survey, which is a commendable feature.

Moreover, Univox Community’s affiliation with a legitimate market research company and its membership with ESOMAR adds a level of credibility, assuring users that their opinions are being used for genuine research purposes.

On the negative side, there are several significant drawbacks to consider. The high payout threshold is a notable concern, as users must accumulate a substantial number of points before they can request a payment. This can be frustrating and time-consuming for those looking to cash out their earnings promptly.

Also, the platform’s support system has been reported to be slow, with users experiencing delays or inadequate assistance when encountering issues or inquiries. Another concerning aspect is Univox Community’s reputation for being quick to block user accounts without clear explanations, resulting in the loss of accumulated rewards and a sense of unfairness. Additionally, the payment process itself is disappointingly slow, with users often experiencing delays in receiving their hard-earned rewards.

In conclusion, we recommend exploring alternative survey sites that offer a better balance between rewards, support, and payment efficiency.

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Univox Community Review Summary
Univox Community offers cash payments, a join bonus, and a disqualification reward, providing users with tangible incentives for their participation. The platform is associated with a legitimate market research company and is a member of ESOMAR, instilling a sense of credibility. However, the high payout threshold, slow support, quick account blocking, and slow payment process are notable drawbacks, hindering the overall user experience. Considering these factors, individuals seeking a smoother and more efficient survey experience may find better alternatives elsewhere.
Survey Experience
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  • Cash payments
  • Disqualification reward
  • ESOMAR member
  • Very high payout threshold
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  • Slow support
  • Quick to block accounts
  • Slow payment process

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