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Triaba Review

Triaba is a multicountry panel community enabling consumers to share their opinions on products and services in return for small rewards paid out through PayPal or vouchers. While Triaba is an independently owned domain by a Norwegian company, the panel is hosted and managed by the Swedish market research provider Cint AB.

Is Triaba a legit survey site?

While Triaba is the brand of the landing page that you’ll see when going to the community page, it’s important to note that Cint AB is the company that will process and handle all your data. Cint is one of the most recognized survey platforms in the market research industry and is considered legit. By working with communities such as Triaba, Cint is facilitating access to millions of survey-takers worldwide. Cint is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange and has made several acquisitions like the US-based survey exchange Lucid.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

Cint AB handles your data, and it can be worth looking at their privacy policy when signing up. The way Cint works is that your profile will be matched with surveys from other 3rd party companies. While the personal data you submit to Cint, such as your name, postal code and email address will remain confidential, the answers you submit in the surveys will be shared with companies conducting research. This is totally normal, but always be careful when submitting your personal data. If asked about personally identifiable information such as your phone number in a survey, it’s important to understand how the company intends to use the information.

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How to get started

Registering on Triaba is straightforward and is open for everyone to take surveys as long as you meet the minimum age. The minimum age for taking a survey varies from country to country, generally from 14 to 18 years. Once you have confirmed your membership by clicking on the email invitation, you’ll be asked several profiling questions. These questions aim to pre-match you with survey opportunities tailored to your demographic profile. In this way, you’ll increase your chances of qualifying for surveys and get invitations to surveys that better match your profile. Our advice is, to be honest when submitting your profiling information, keeping in mind that this data will be matched with answers you’ll later when taking surveys. You could risk getting blacklisted if Cint discovers inconsistencies in your data.

What about the survey experience?

Cint is a so-called survey exchange which connects thousands of market research buyers with millions of survey takers. This means you’ll be exposed to a broad range of survey topics such as healthcare surveys, professional business surveys and surveys about your shopping habits. Sometimes you’ll be matched with a really interesting survey which is spot-on in terms of your profile, while other times, you’ll get screened out without being able to complete the survey (and get paid). This is completely normal when it comes to survey sites, and in our experience, Cint is quite average when it comes to being able to match you with surveys.

How much can you make on Triaba?

You won’t make hundreds of dollars per day taking surveys on Triaba, but you’ll be able to earn some extra money if you persistently take surveys on a regular basis. How much depends on your profile and how frequently you take surveys. On average, you’ll earn from $0.50 to around $5.00 per survey, with most surveys paying between $0.50 and $1.00 on standard consumer topics. The payout threshold is $10, which means you’ll, in the worst case, need to take as many as 20 surveys before you can redeem your hard-earned cash. On the positive side, there’s zero commitment from your side, and you can take surveys on the go from your mobile phone or on the desktop whenever you have a spare moment.

Will anything prevent me from cashing out on Triaba?

The first thing to consider is the payment threshold of $10. If you’re not planning to stick around and take surveys regularly, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever get to the payment limit. The other thing to consider is that you’ll be exposed to so-called trap questions to detect if you’re paying attention to the questions asked in the survey. If the company suspects that you are just answering random gibberish, they have the right to dismiss your survey entries, and you could also be banned from taking surveys entirely. You’re also only allowed to create one account, and survey sites have become quite advanced in detecting duplicates these days. Last, but not least – don’t try to be clever by filling out your profile with a false identity. When redeeming your payment you’ll be flagged if your PayPal profile is not matching with your profile on Triaba.

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Triaba Review Summary
While Triaba is the name of the website, this is in reality a panel operated by the well-known survey company Cint. While the incentive level is very average in comparison with competitors, you'll get access to a broad range of survey invitations on Cint's platform.
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  • Surveys work great on mobile
  • It is quick and easy to start taking surveys
  • Straightforward registration
  • Frequent survey invitations
  • Surveys can be long and tedious.
  • Average incentive levels

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