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The Panel Station Review

The Panel Station is an online survey site offering points in return for your opinions. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for real rewards such as gift cards. In this review, we’re taking a closer look at what types of survey opportunities are available, and how much you can earn.

Is The Panel Station a legit survey site?

The Panel Station is a legit survey site owned and operated by the Indian market research provider Borderless Access. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and works as a data supplier to many of the largest market research buyers worldwide. While there are some mixed reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and SurveyPolice, in our experience this is a survey site which honours their commitments and pays rewards as promised to their members.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

Part of a professional market research company, The Panel Station is committed to following local privacy laws and regulations, such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California. As always when it comes to survey sites, you should be aware of the fact that your survey answers will be shared with 3rd party clients. This does usually not include private data such as name, email address and phone number (unless you explicitly gave your permission).

Panel station review

What about the survey experience?

It is easy to join and take surveys at the Panel Station, but it is best to update your profile regularly. The more updated your profile is, the lesser your chance of being rejected during a survey. This will help you receive more surveys to fill in, resulting in more points. The Panel Station app has 38 000 reviews on Google Play, with an average rating of 3.3. The most common complaints concern missing payments or delays in getting rewards paid out.

It’s always hard to know if a panel site is suspending survey takers too fast, or if their rewards are forfeited based on valid reasons. What’s clear is that the market research industry is focusing more and more on preventing inattentive respondents from taking surveys, so the best thing to do is to answer all questions honestly without trying to rush through the survey.

How much can you make on Panel Station?

You can expect to earn between 100 and 300 points per completed survey, which is the equivalent of $0.30 – $0.90. If you don’t qualify for a survey, you will still earn 20 points for responding, so make sure to respond to every survey even if you are not sure you qualify or not. You can also earn a little extra by keeping your profile updated and by taking special profile surveys. The minimum redeemable points will vary from country to country and from reward type to reward type; typically in the range of 3 000 to 5 000 points.

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The Panel Station Review Summary
The Panel Station is an average survey site, run by a legitimate market research provider. The average reward per survey is quite low (less than $0.5), but on the positive side, you only need to accumulate points worth $5 to redeem your first reward. They also pay a few points every time you don't qualify, which is a nice gesture even if it doesn't amount to much.
Survey Experience
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  • Low payment threshold
  • Points for screenouts
  • Long wait to redeem rewards
  • Not many available surveys
  • Low incentive levels
  • No cash option

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