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Test IO Review 

Searching for a site to earn money as a software tester? In this review, we are taking a look at Test IO which is a crowd-testing platform that pays testers for finding software bugs.

Is Test IO a legit survey site? 

Yes, Test IO is a legitimate testing platform that pays its users for testing apps and different software solutions.

A bit of background: Formerly known as Testcloud, Test IO was acquired by EPAM System in 2019. EPAM Systems, Inc. is an American company specialising in service development, digital platform engineering, and digital product design, and it has been operating since 1993. 

Test IO Dashboard

Test IO Dashboard

What’s the concept?

Signing up for Test IO is a straightforward process that requires filling out a profile with your basic information and taking a skills test to determine your eligibility for various testing tasks. Once you’re approved, you can start browsing available tasks and selecting those that interest you. These tasks can range from testing a website’s usability to providing feedback on a new product or service.

The site’s crowd-testing business model revolves around selling user testing services to their customers. Test IO serves as a middleman between these companies and their pool of testers who are responsible for identifying bugs or defects in apps as part of a quality assurance (QA) process. The role of the user tester is critical in ensuring that the product or application is of high quality, meets user expectations, and functions as intended.

When a user tester identifies a bug, they document it in a Test IO’s tracking system and provide detailed information about the issue, including the steps to reproduce it and the expected outcome. They may also provide additional information, such as screenshots or videos, to help developers understand the bug and its impact on the user experience.

Test IO interface

Test IO interface

Testing on different devices

To conduct mobile app tests, Test IO provides a mobile app called testNow, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are invited to participate in mobile testing opportunities, you will need to download this app. Fortunately, the app is user-friendly (as expected from a user-testing platform), and you will quickly become familiar with its functionality.

Testers usually receive invitations several times a week via email. To increase your chances of matching a test, it’s important to add all of your physical devices and spoken languages to your tester profile. Additionally, submitting high-quality reports and minimizing the number of bug reports and dispute rejections can improve your chances of receiving future testing opportunities. In our experience, the invitations arrive very sporadically – so this can’t really be considered a reliable source of income.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, Test IO’s support team is available to help. In our experience, they typically respond to requests within 24 hours.

Add device testing type

Add device testing type

How much can you make on Test IO? 

Testers receive payment for each accepted bug report they submit. The amount paid per bug can range from $5 to $50, depending on its severity. It’s important to note that you only receive payment if your bug report is accepted. If no bugs are found, you won’t receive any payment.

Test IO pays site testers on the 11th of each month or the following business day, and all earnings are displayed on the Bills page. Testers can request payment by clicking the Request button until the 19th of the month. A PDF invoice will be available within a few minutes, and the requested amount will be sent by the end of the month. Payment options include PayPal, Payoneer, PingPong, Wise, or SEPA bank transfers. For EU residents, if you have an IBAN and BIC from an EU bank account, you can enter these details in the IBAN/BIC tab on your interface.

Additionally, testers can earn customer bonus payouts of 10% of the bug base payment for customer-accepted bugs. Testers can also participate in the referral program, which rewards 20 points when a friend passes the onboarding test, 30 points when a friend submits their first approved bug, 50 points when a friend submits their fifth approved bug, and 50 points when a friend remains active for six months. The referred friend also receives rewards for their bug submissions and activity.

Once testers accumulate enough points, they can exchange them for rewards. Currently, available rewards include a 10-euro voucher for 100 points and a 5-euro voucher for 50 points.

Test IO bug report

Test IO bug report.

Summary – Pros and Cons

One of the most significant advantages of Test IO is the low minimum payout level. Testers can request payment as soon as they accumulate earnings of at least $5. The payment process is also fast and straightforward, with several payment options available, including PayPal and bank transfer.

Test IO offers a solid support system to its testers. The company’s support is responsive and typically responds to requests within 24 hours. Furthermore, Test IO’s mobile app, testNow, makes it convenient for testers to participate in mobile testing opportunities.

However, on the negative side, the point system used by Test IO can be challenging to understand. It can take time for testers to figure out how to maximize their earnings and navigate the platform effectively. Additionally, qualifying for testing opportunities can be difficult, and invitations may be infrequent.

You should also keep in mind that user testing can be time-consuming, and will require your full attention. Don’t think that it’s an easy task you can do while watching a Netflix movie. Testers are required to provide detailed feedback on each task, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Also, keep in mind that as a tester you will be continuously rated, and your rating will have a big impact on your chances for future work.

Test IO Trust Pilot Pros and Cons

Test IO Trust Pilot Pros and Cons

test io bug fixing dashboard

Test IO bug fixing dashboard.

Test IO Trust Pilot Pros and Cons

Test IO Trust Pilot Pros and Cons

6.9Expert Score
Test IO Review Summary
Test IO offers a low payout threshold, a fast payment process, cash payments, and an excellent support system for its testers. Additionally, the mobile app makes it convenient for testers to participate in mobile testing opportunities. However, the platform's point system can be hard to understand, and it can be difficult to qualify for testing opportunities. Keep in mind that participating in Test IO surveys can be time-consuming, and testers are continuously rated, affecting future testing opportunities.
  • Low payout threshold
  • Cash payments
  • Fast payment process
  • Excellent support
  • Mobile app
  • Hard to anticipate earnings
  • It can be hard to qualify
  • Infrequent invitations to participate in testing tasks
  • Time-consuming tasks
  • You are always rated

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