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Tap Research is a mobile app analytics firm that lets brands measure brand performance. Its global audience network of more than 20 million consumers can be used to conduct qualitative and quantitative research. While most survey companies use their own router, TapResearch uses a network of third-party sample providers. These samples are compiled from users of popular mobile apps. This means that respondents are profiled, deduped, and anonymous. This ensures that only relevant data is included in research reports.

Surveys on TapResearch are anonymous and provide respondents with limited information about the product. They are simply given a star rating based on the quality of the survey. They do not receive an email invitation to complete surveys, so they do not have to search for them. Incentives are not differentiated by sample source, interview duration, or respondent characteristics. All respondents earn virtual currency and receive rewards for taking part in surveys. This ensures that respondents will continue to engage in the surveys even if they do not complete them.

When completing surveys on TapResearch, users are taken back to their gameplay immediately. Ideally, the rewards should be accompanied by a happy congratulations message, which encourages repeat usage. In addition to its convenience, Rewarded Surveys have high monetization potential, and are an excellent way to earn some extra cash. And because they are continuously replenished, users can earn rewards year-round. This ensures that survey respondents will continue to use the app.

Market research is an essential part of marketing and branding. The growth of mobile games and the consumer internet has driven the growth of the market for Rewarded Surveys. These products are often the best monetization products available today, and TapResearch has made it a point to meet those needs. Whether it is a new product, service, or a new brand, Rewarded Surveys provide a steady flow of fresh survey inventory.

The founders of TapResearch are successful in building consumer internet businesses and mobile games. Their experience has allowed them to create the Rewarded Surveys category and re-engage users during key shopping moments. They have also seen increases in ad views, session duration, and ARPDAU. And their results speak for themselves. For a company with such impressive goals, this could be the ideal choice for its product. This can help build stronger relationships with publishers and make the product more profitable.

Respondents are rewarded for their participation in Rewarded Surveys. In return for participating, they receive virtual currency or a reward. This virtual currency is essential for them to feel good about the products and services they buy. In addition to being a great tool for market research, TapResearch is also an excellent monetization product. It pays between $1 and $10 per survey completed. The best part is that you can get paid year-round with the platform.

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