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Tap Research Review

Tap Research is a monetization platform connecting market research buyers and communities. Its global audience network of more than 20 million consumers can be used to conduct qualitative and quantitative research. While many survey companies operate their own proprietary panels, TapResearch uses a network of third-party communities and publishers such as gaming apps.

Respondents are not rewarded for their participation directly by TapResearch but by the app they are a member of. In return for participating, they receive virtual currency, points, or a reward.

How do I get rewarded?

After completing surveys on the TapResearch network, users are taken back to the original site they came from. The virtual points or rewards should be confirmed, and then you’ll get access to your reward according to the T&Cs of the site you are a member of. It’s important to note that TapResearch is “only” the facilitator connecting two parties – the research buyer and the respondent. TapResearch will pay a commission to third-party sites recruiting members to conduct surveys on their platform, and in return, the same 3rd party sites will share a reward with their users.

How much will I get paid?

The survey reward amount usually depends on two key factors:

  1. The scarcity of the target group
  2. The length of the survey

Since TapResearch is only working with 3rd party communities, the reward you will get will depend on the site you are a member of. These surveys are not very well paid in terms of cash, usually the equivalent of $0.50 – $1.50 per survey in virtual currency. However, it can be fun to get some extra free credits by taking a 10 minutes break to take a survey.

Is TapResearch safe?

Yes, TapResearch is safe and legit.TapResearch was founded in 2013 by Aaron Platshon (CEO), Kevin Chang (CTO) and Greg McCullough (Head of Analytics) after being frustrated with the limitations of traditional research methods when building their prior company, a carsharing marketplace business. Today, TapResearch is one of the leading programmatic providers of market research participants serving key market research agencies such as Nielsen, Ipsos, and Kantar.

Any drawbacks?

If you complete surveys through a TapResearch offerwall you might get stuck filling out a lot of profiling and demographic questions which you won’t get paid for. Surveys through offerwalls are also very low-paid compared to surveys offered through proprietary panels.

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