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Update from TalkInsights: Unfortunately, TalkInsights closed down on May 12th, 2023. At that point, we closed down the panel software. However, if you need us urgently then – until October 12th, 2023 – we will try to respond to emails sent to  and will attempt to help you.

Talkinsights Review

Talkinsights is a standard paid survey site where users earn virtual points which can be exchanged for real rewards. The panel seems to have a minimal amount of survey offers which, coupled with the high redemption threshold of £20, makes it very difficult to earn any money from this site. It will most likely take at least 12 months to accumulate enough points to redeem. From this point of view, Talkinsights is not a panel we recommend signing up for. 

What can I earn on Talkinsights?

You’ll earn virtual points as you take surveys. One hundred points equal £1, and you’ll typically get 40-60 points per survey. You need a minimum of 2000 points (£20) to redeem. In other words, you’ll need a lot of persistence to get paid by taking surveys on Talkinsights. If you eventually get to 2000 points, you can redeem them through gift cards like Amazon. Cash rewards are not available.

Is Talkinsights legit?

We don’t have any concrete reason to believe that Talkinsights is not legit or a scam. At the same time, we’ve noticed a few weird things. For example, there’s no privacy policy (or checkbox) on the registration page, making it impossible for new users to understand (and consent to) what data is shared, how it is used, for what purposes, etc. This is a big red flag and another reason why we do not recommend signing up for this survey site.

talkinsights privacy policy

Missing privacy policy on the registration page

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Talkinsights Review Summary
Not a lot of survey opportunities and a very high redemption level. Lack of transparency in terms of how personal data is handled. Not recommended.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Informative FAQ page
  • The minimum redemption value of $20 is too high
  • No privacy policy on the registration page
  • Very few survey opportunities
  • Mostly paper vouchers (except for Amazon)
  • UK only

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