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SurveyOptimus Review

The survey platform SurveyOptimus offers thousands of online surveys from leading companies, with topics changing daily and depending on member interests. Signing up for SurveyOptimus is free, and you will be able to take the surveys whenever you feel like it. You will earn points for each survey you complete, and you can redeem them through Paypal payments or gift vouchers.

How do I get started?

Signing up is simple, and you’ll be matched with surveys based on your profile. You’ll be asked about topics relevant to your interests, like the latest fashion trends. You can also answer surveys about your career and education. The best part about it is that you’ll never run out of topics to participate in! As a bonus, you can earn 100 points for referring a friend to the site, and the site will reward you with another 100 points.

Is SurveyOptimus a scam?

While we don’t have any reason to believe SurveyOptimus is a scam, you should be aware of the low incentives offered. Low incentives in combination with a high threshold to redeem through PayPal makes it very hard to be able to get paid in cash. The threshold for gift cards is is a bit easier to achieve, but is still not worth the effort in our opinion.

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SurveyOptimus Review Summary
If you're looking for a well-paying survey site, SurveyOptimus is a waste of time. Low incentives in combination with high redemption thresholds make it as good as impossible to earn any money.
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  • Very low incentives
  • High redemption threshold
  • Slow website - hard to navigate

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