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SheSpeaks Review 

SheSpeaks is a women’s community that claims to offer giveaways, free products to test and regular prizes in return for your opinion. We signed up to check what it’s all about. Read our review to find out if this is worth your time. 

Is SheSpeaks a legit survey site? 

She Speaks is legit from the perspective that nobody is going to steal your money. However, it’s more of a community for women than a paid product testing site. Don’t sign up if you’re looking for ways to generate regular earnings online.

How to get started with SheSpeaks

Find the “Join Now” tab that directs you to complete the registration form. This gives you access to online surveys and product testing tasks. You will be invited to each of these events via email, where you can view the available rewards before deciding whether to accept or decline.

The reviews are relatively short, about five to twenty-five minutes, while the product testing can take much longer because you must wait for the product to be sent to you before you can review it. As a reward, you can keep the product after the review. There was no mention of a sign-up bonus for this site, though.

Those eligible to join SheSpeaks are US citizens aged 18 or older. 

she speaks dashboard

She Speaks Member Dashboard

How much can you make on SheSpeaks? 

The rewards system differs from most paid survey sites: There is no cash value or points-based system. Instead, they have decided to give their members a chance to win prizes, whether keeping the products they are asked to review or receiving products in the mail for each survey completed.

There is also very little information about rewards on their website; the only information accessible on their homepage refers to parties and giveaways that aren’t exclusive to members. This lack of transparency is problematic to new members because it makes it difficult to determine whether or not to join the SheSpeaks panel.

she speaks productreviews

She Speaks Product Review Tasks

3.9Expert Score
SheSpeaks Review Summary
Looking for a site to earn regular rewards online? SheSpeaks is probably NOT the right place for you. Invitations to product testing are rare, and you're not guaranteed any type of reward.
Survey Experience
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Redeeming Rewards
  • Lots of content geared towards women
  • Interesting podcasts
  • Some opportunities are rewarded
  • Limited invites and tasks
  • Rewards are very sporadic
  • Lack of transparency in terms of rewards

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Paid Gigs


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Business Professionals
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Open Registration
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