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The Science Advisory Board is a US online community aimed at attracting scientists and medical professionals. In this review, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect when signing up as a healthcare professional.

Is this a legit site?

The site is run by a legit market research business called Science and Medicine Group. The concept is simple: Members share their knowledge and experience and earn honoraria in return for their time. We’ve checked if this is a reliable site and what you can earn from participating

The Science Advisory Board can be well worth joining if you’re a medical scientist or a healthcare professional. Niche B2B sites like this generally offer much higher rewards than standard consumer survey sites. Please note that this is a market research community, and is not associated with the US Science Advisory Board (SAB), selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  

What type of research can I participate in?

The Science Advisory Board offers several ways of earning honoraria, including:

  • Medical focus groups
  • In-person consultations
  • Medical product beta testing
  • Online medical surveys

The subject of these market research projects ranges from exploring innovative new medical technologies to understanding healthcare bottlenecks that need to be solved. Life sciences firms use your feedback to produce new products that improve people’s life. 

What type of medical topics will be discussed?

As a member of the Science Advisory Board, you can use your professional experience to evaluate medical products, devices, or software in a real-world setting with a limited group of users before it is officially released to the market. Medical beta testing aims to identify and resolve functional or technical issues, gather feedback, and improve the product’s usability and performance before it is widely distributed. The beta testing group usually includes healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders who are representative of the target user population.

Medical focus groups typically discuss topics related to:

  1. Perceptions and attitudes toward specific medical treatments or procedures
  2. Barriers to accessing and utilizing healthcare services
  3. Health literacy and understanding of medical information
  4. Adherence to medical treatment plans
  5. Awareness and usage of new medical technologies
  6. Patient-provider communication and relationships.

How do I get paid?

science advisory board rewards

Registered members are compensated with so-called ViewPoints, the virtual currency created by the site. However, these points are not worth anything until the point of redeeming a reward. When you have accumulated enough “ViewPoint points”, you can use the Rewards Catalog to select your preferred redemption, such as a prepaid debit card or a gift card.


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The Science Advisory Board is a research community made for medical scientists and healthcare professionals. If you belong to this exclusive target group it's a site which is well worth signing up for.
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  • Professional medical earning opportunities
  • A good range of online surveys
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Science Advisory Board
Science Advisory Board
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