Schlesinger Group rebrands to SAGO

Sago, formerly known as Schlesinger Group, a leading provider of research and data solutions, has announced its rebranding, alongside a new visual identity, website, and refreshed positioning. The company’s evolution marks a significant transformation in its 57-year legacy and reflects the pace at which insights need to be gathered. Sago’s rebranding reflects its positioning today and its focus on delivering managed and self-serve research solutions at the speed of clients’ decisions.

sago screenshot
Screenshot of rebranded SAGO website.

Reed Cundiff, Sago’s new CEO, says, “The Sago rebrand underscores our focus on speed, action, and simplicity—research experts delivering global audiences and adaptive solutions through advanced research technology.” The company’s shift to Sago signals its integrated operation to deliver as one for its clients and aligns the external brand to the sophistication of its next-generation capabilities.

Ellie Ahmadi, Sago’s CMO, says, “The new brand distinguishes how we present who we are in the same way that our obsession with the client and respondent experience differentiates how we work.” Sago takes its namesake company into the future by continuing to lead and progress alongside the digital transformation of the marketing research industry. Steve Schlesinger, Executive Chairman, added, “This is not merely a name change; it’s a commitment to an inspiring new chapter in optimizing our offerings and simplifying research.”

You’ll find several paid gigs from SAGO available on HuginX, such as Univox Community and Inspired Opinions.

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