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Power of Options Review  

Power of Opinions is a British firm and the research arm of Atomik Research, which is a subsidiary of All Global Media. Atomik Research’s Power of Opinions panel, which has around 50,000 members, provides the opportunity to be a part of a global survey panel community. The panel allows you to shape future business decisions and influence the media around you. 

Daniel Williams Reviewer

linkedin profile Daniel Williams – Our Editor in Chief: Dan is from Oxford, UK and is one of our reviewers who’s been with HuginX the longest. With a background in membership support at one of the largest survey companies, Dan has a lot of inside knowledge of the Market Research industry and has helped us refine our reviewing criteria. When Daniel is not working with reviews, he likes to go hiking with his dog Charlie. 

Is Power of Opinions a legit survey site?  

Power of Opinions is a legitimate survey website for British citizens. It has many surveys, so that it could be a good site. Answers are used to help businesses come up with the best possible decisions.  

How do Survey Sites operate?

New to survey sites? Here is a quick guide to 10 key steps they take when inviting participants to market research projects.


Survey Sites explained in 10 steps

Looking to join a Survey Site? Here are the key steps in the process applicable to most sites:

1. Client requests survey participants

A client requests survey participants for a market research project.

2. A target-group is selected

Based on the profiling information you have provided, a sub-set of panelists will be eligible and selected to participate.

3. Participants are invited

Panelists with qualifying profiles will be invited to participate, usually through email invitation or push notification on mobile.

4. Screening of participants

Upon clicking the invitation link, you'll go through a set of screening questions before you are fully qualified to participate.

5. Participants take the survey

As a participant you'll answer a number of questions. The survey could be about anything from consumer brands and entertainment to healthcare and business topics.

6. Your answers are checked

After you have answered all the questions diligently, you'll get a confirmation if your submission has been approved. You'll sometimes need to wait for a researcher to have gone through your submission before you get a confirmation.

7. Your reward is allocated

After the survey, you'll also get a confirmation on the incentive you have earned. The rewards vary from site to site, but is often based on virtual points or simply a cash amount for each survey.

8. Meeting the redemption threshold

Most survey sites don't allow you to withdraw your reward straight away, but will require you to earn a minimum amount before withdrawing your hard earned reward.

9. Filling out your payment information

If you opt to receive your reward through PayPal or bank transfer, remember that your name and address must also match your profile on the survey site.

10. Redeeming your reward

Once you meet the redemption threshold you can withdraw your reward, which is usually in the form of PayPal credits, bank-transfer, Amazon-vouchers, or other types of gift-cards.

Survey Sites Guide

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?  

All your information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the scope of the agreement. Your information is used to perform several tasks that support the company’s market research objectives. Personal information is only used within the company and is never shared with clients or third parties. Your information will not be sold to anyone, and your data is always secured with restricted access. 

How to get started  

Joining is free at Power of Opinions, provided you are a resident of the UK, which includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland regions. International members are accepted, but surveys are primarily directed toward UK residents 18 years old and above. When you click the registration button, you will be prompted to complete a brief survey before proceeding. It takes about 5 minutes to complete, and once completed, you must confirm your email address before you can access the members’ area. 100 Power Points will be given to you as a signup bonus after registration. 

What about the survey experience?  

You will be a much more efficient earner if you can answer surveys on your mobile device as soon as you receive an invite, even if you are not at home. However, there is no mention of a Power of Opinions app that you can download and install on your mobile device on their website. You can still access their website using a mobile web browser. Their website’s mobile version is optimized for mobile use. That means you won’t have to scroll left and right or zoom in and out to see all the content. 

Members can take unlimited online surveys so panellists can access daily survey opportunities. 

How much can you make on Power of Opinions?  

Survey rewards typically range from 15p to £500, whereas focus group incentives begin at £25 and may include prize draws. Power Points will be awarded to you each time you participate in a research activity.  

Power Points are redeemable in three increments of 1,000 (£10), 2,500 (£25), and 5,000 (£50). Each point is worth one penny. 

The first payment option is PayPal. To ensure a successful transfer of funds, ensure your email address matches the email address on your PayPal account, and instant withdrawals may have a fee. The other option is to redeem your points for a gift card to well-known retailers like Starbucks, M&S, Amazon, iTunes, and John Lewis. 

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Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Varied Tasks
  • Monthly Competitions
  • You can withdraw as little as $1.
  • Payouts are low
  • There is no mobile app.

What can prevent me from cashing out?  

Give true and accurate information about your name, address, age, and date of birth. You must have a legitimate UK-based PayPal account to redeem your points for PayPal transactions. Update your personal information whenever it changes. 


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6.7Expert Score
Power of Opinions Review Summary
Power of Opinions is a legitimate survey site that pays you for participating in their market research activities. It does, however, have some limitations.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Relatively low payment threshold
  • Not so many surveys available
  • Has options for receiving rewards
  • Limited to UK residents
  • Website lacks some details important for users
  • Low rewards 

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