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Points for Surveys Review  

Points For Surveys is a survey site that rewards you for answering surveys. This survey site was created exclusively for the members of the TrueBlue program, the frequent flyer program of the airline JetBlue Airways. TrueBlue members are offered the chance to earn TrueBlue points for sharing their opinions in online surveys. Points for Surveys is a market research access panel owned and operated by Dynata, LLC.  

Is Points for Surveys a legit survey site?  

PointsForSurveys is a legit survey site. Taking surveys results in the accumulation of TrueBlue points that are deposited into your TrueBlue program account, leading up to the flight of your choice. By sharing your opinions, you have the opportunity to improve the products and services used by you and millions around the world. 

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?  

All Points service providers are contractually bound to keep your information secure. Your personal information may be disclosed to the site’s partners and third-party suppliers as necessary to provide you with the services you have requested or to fulfill the transactions you have submitted. 

How to get started  

The main qualification for joining the Points for Surveys panel is, you have to be a TrueBlue member. You must also be a resident of the US. There is no age minimum to sign up for a TrueBlue account, but if a child is under the age of 13, the parent or legal guardian of that child can either sign in to their account and follow the steps or contact the program. TrueBlue is a paperless, electronic customer loyalty program. Register online or contact them. You must provide your name, date of birth, address, phone number, and a valid individual email address in order to register and enroll in TrueBlue. There is no cost to be a member, and enrollment takes just a moment. Then, sign up for Points for Surveys. You will receive a welcome email with a link to complete a survey. This link will take you to a pre-qualifying page where you will be asked several demographic questions and enter your email address. After completing the questionnaire, you will be transferred to a page where you can select the kind of survey you are interested in, you can now begin taking the survey. 

What about the survey experience?  

There is no mention on their website about a Points For Surveys app you can download on your mobile device. You will be able to access their website on a mobile device, though, using a mobile web browser. But the mobile version of their site isn’t optimized for mobile use. You will have to scroll left and right or zoom in and out just to read all the content. 

Surveys are available through email. Points for Surveys uses a pre-qualifying process where they ask you several questions to check whether you are included in the demographic the survey is targeting. Once you are qualified, you can then proceed to the actual survey. Each survey takes up to 15 minutes to complete. 

Points For Surveys has a pretty decent support system in place. It has an FAQ section, and it also provides you with a contact form you can use to send your questions. 

How much can you make on Points for Surveys?  

Once you complete a survey, the rewarded TrueBue points will be directly deposited into your TrueBlue Program account. You will automatically receive 400 TrueBlue Points when you register. As for the number of points you get for completing a survey, there isn’t any info on their website about the usual number of points you get for each survey. Overall though, if you keep on answering surveys, you will eventually be able to earn enough points to either book a flight with significantly reduced cost or even without paying at all.  

What can prevent me from cashing out?  

Members must enroll as individuals, and each member may have only one TrueBlue account. The TrueBlue Program has checks in place to ensure that you are honest and not attempting to create several accounts in the hope of earning more points. This is regarded as fraud which means you will be banned from their program, and all points accumulated in your account will be forfeited. 

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Points for Surveys Review Summary
PointsForSurveys.com is a legit survey site exclusive to TrueBlue members of the JetBlue airline. Our advice is to take advantage of the join bonus if you're a frequent JetBlue flyer and a member of the TrueBlue loyalty scheme.
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  • Survey matches are high in number
  • Consistent survey quality
  • The frequency of survey invites is quite high
  • The process of answering surveys and receiving rewards is pretty straightforward
  • You won't be able to earn real money
  • You have to be a TrueBlue member to join their panel
  • Earning potential is pretty low
  • The disqualification rate for surveys is quite high

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