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Pick my Postcode Review

Daily prize draws are based on a random selection of postcodes and bonuses for completing and signing up to take surveys from respondent marketplaces such as Lucid, Cint and Purespectrum. These are marketplaces you generally can trust, but note that you’re likely to encounter many profiling and screening questions before you eventually qualify and complete the questionnaires. As such, it will take a long time to eventually qualify for additional bonuses and prizes.

Is Pick my Postcode legit?

Yes, this is a legit site. First, it is completely free to join and participate as it’s funded by ads, so it is clearly not a financial scam. However, to use this website, you must endure several marketing messages, including surveys and offers. These may turn some people off, but others are satisfied with the ease of use and the rewards. It all comes down to whether you have the time to check the site and if your postcode has been picked frequently. To have the chance to get the additional bonuses, you’ll need to do extra activities such as participating in surveys. 

Pick my Post Code Dashboard

Pick my Post Code Dashboard

What about my personal data?

Many of the activities on Pick my Postcode involve signing up or doing activities related to 3rd party websites. Whenever you sign up for a new site asking for personal data or financial details, we always recommend checking independent reviews such as on HuginX. Also, have a look through the T&Cs and privacy policy of the website if it’s a new website you’ve never heard of.

Do I need to spend any money?

No, all you need to spend is your time when engaging in different marketing and market research activities. An advantage of Pick My Postcode is the possibility of winning prizes without spending money on lottery tickets. Instead of ticket sales, the prize money is funded by ad revenue on the site, which is generated by the site traffic caused by users checking the draw to see if they’ve won. It works like a free newspaper or a free-to-air TV channel like ITV. You must enter your email address and name and pick a postcode from the list. You can win one of many daily draws, which can be worth between £30 and £200. The site also offers a bonus draw; sometimes, flash draws are available. So you can win money by playing Pick My Postcode, which is easy to do.

Pick my Post Code Scratchcards

Pick my Post Code Scratchcards

Potential drawbacks of signing up to Pick my Postcode:

  • Spam or unwanted marketing emails: By providing your email address and contact information, you may receive unwanted messages from the company or third parties.
  • Potential for addiction: Gambling can be addictive, and participating in lotteries or sweepstakes can lead to problems. 
  • Privacy concerns: Your personal information and email address shared with 3rd party companies through the platform could be misused. Read the privacy policy before signing up and ensure you’re comfortable with how your information will be used.

Is it worth my time?

It’s a very clever idea for the people who created the site, earning ad revenue and commissions from survey-takers in return for a relatively small prize payout. However, it’s a bit of a fool’s errand for everyone else, as your hourly earnings will likely be very low. Many other online activities you’ll find on HuginX will provide you with a much higher income level.  

Pick my Post Code Positive Trustpilot Review 5 Stars

Pick my Post Code Positive Trustpilot Review 5 Stars

Pick my Post Code Trustpilot Review 1 Star

Pick my Post Code Trustpilot Review 1 Star

5.2Expert Score
Pick my postcode Review Summary
Not worth your time from the perspective of earnings per hour. However, it's not a scam; if you enjoy the activities, you don't have anything to lose by signing up.
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  • Free lottery tickets without having to spend any money
  • Engaging interface and high fun factor
  • Limited payouts
  • A waste of time for many

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