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OpinionPanel Review 

The OpinionPanel Community, or simply OpinionPanel, connects your opinion to brands, universities, and the media through online surveys. In return, you will get rewards and shopping vouchers. Based in London, England, OpinionPanel is a paid online market research service that has rewarded young people for participating in research projects since its founding in 2004. The site works with its sister company YouthSight, an award-winning market research agency. 

Is OpinionPanel a legit survey site? 

Definitely legitimate. You will be paid for your views on various subject matters. OpinionPanel conducts research for major brands, corporations, and even governments who want to hear your thoughts on various topics. Your opinions are usually used to contribute to political polls, provide feedback to policymakers, assist brand strategists, or assist universities in improving the student experience.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

All personal data of members remain confidential and anonymous. Appropriate security measures are implemented to prevent your personal information from being used or accessed unauthorised, altered, disclosed or accidentally lost.

They abide by the MRS’ Code of Conduct, Data Protection Act, and Fair Data’s Principles and won’t share your personal information with clients or any third party unless you explicitly consent for them to do so about a particular research project.

How to get started 

Sign up through their online form and complete an easy registration survey that will be sent via email. This will make you eligible to participate in important and interesting research for big brands and companies.

Membership requirements: 13-30 years old at the time of joining (if under 16, parental consent is needed), living in the UK or applying to study, currently studying, or have graduated from a UK university or Further Education College.

What about the survey experience? 

You can take surveys on a tablet, desktop, or mobile, whatever suits you best. Typically, a survey takes 10 to 20 minutes to finish, and you earn shopping vouchers based on the length of the survey.

Surveys sent to you are specific to your interest, so you can give your insights and power change on topics that matter to you. When you log into your account, you can see your own personal dashboard where you can track your points and find all the research opportunities currently available. Invites are also sent via email, so you don’t miss anything.

How much can you make on OpinionPanel? 

The average survey is 150 points (£1.50). You can earn up to £70, payable via PayPal, for face-to-face or online discussions. Once you build up 2,500 points, OpinionPanel will send you a £25 voucher code via email to redeem a voucher of your choice. The signup bonus is £10. You can check out their rewards page to see what stores you can claim your £25 vouchers from.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

They require accurate data, so you should provide truthful and well-considered answers to all research project surveys. You will not share any information about the products or the research project you participated in via any medium, or your membership will be terminated. Points may not be bartered, sold, or transferred. Membership is personal and is not transferable to a third party. You can not join the community more than once by signing up with different email addresses or behaving fraudulently or dishonestly.

Your account may be terminated if you have not responded to any invitations to participate in surveys or research projects over a prolonged period despite attempts to contact you. Your account will be terminated, and any accrued points or credits will be forfeited.

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OpinionPanel Review Summary
OpinionPanel, the UK's largest youth research panel, aims to reward young people for sharing their opinions. They are also strong supporters of the World Land Trust. This non-profit organisation works to protect threatened habitats and endangered species around the world.
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  • Good signup bonus
  • Many voucher options
  • Not many survey invitations
  • PayPal is not accepted
  • Available to 13-30 years old only

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