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Opinion Bureau Review 

Opinion Bureau is an online panel where you can earn money by sharing your thoughts about brands and services through surveys and polls. The concept is similar to many other panel sites; you earn virtual points by taking surveys which you eventually can exchange into real rewards such as Amazon gift cards. In this review, we’ve taken a critical look at OpinionBureau to see if it’s worth signing up for.

Is Opinion Bureau a legit survey site? 

Opinion Bureau is owned by the Indian company Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd or just IRBureau, which was established in 2011. While Opinion Bureau has quite a lot of mixed reviews on sites like TrustPilot, the panel owner IRBureau is a well-known legit market research provider. IRBureau specialises in B2B data collection, including access to ‘difficult to reach’ audiences is often used as a sub-supplier of other larger market research firms.

One of the most frequent complaints about Opinion Bureau is the long payment delay, sometimes taking more than 45 days. Many survey takers also complain about account suspension after taking multiple surveys over a long period of time. While there might be valid reasons to delay these payments, it seems like respondents are not getting a lot of support in this process. Our recommendation is to proceed with caution, if you decide to sign up with OpinionBureau.

How to get started 

The registration process is straightforward. Register your basic information, confirm your email and fill in a more extensive profile. Many of the questions will be related to your professional details linked to your employment history. This is important since many of IRBureau’s projects are focused on B2B research. In this way, they can target respondents based on what type of work they are involved in. Here are some examples of B2B survey topics covered by Opinion Bureau:

  • CFOs and financial managers of mid-sized companies with annual revenue between $50 million and $500 million, operating in the healthcare industry.
  • Full-time employees of enterprise-level companies who use Microsoft Excel in their daily work and are responsible for financial reporting.
  • Small business owners who use QuickBooks for their accounting and bookkeeping needs, and have less than 10 employees.
  • Procurement managers in manufacturing companies who are responsible for selecting suppliers of raw materials and equipment.
  • IT managers in financial institutions who are responsible for cybersecurity and compliance.

As you can see from the topics above, these surveys are very different from standard consumer surveys. Normally, B2B research is much better paid than standard consumer surveys, so we had high expectations towards the rewards. Online B2B surveys through companies like GLG Insights are often paid around $50 for a 15-minute survey, which is a good benchmark for a survey company with fair compensation.

How much can you make on Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau usually pays less than $1 per survey. This is a good compensation level in comparison with many consumer survey sites, but for a B2B survey site, this is very low. The only positive aspect is that the withdrawal limit is only $5, but on the other side, many B2B panel sites pay directly after each engagement. All in all, we were not impressed with the level of payment from the Opinion Bureau panel.

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OpinionBureau Review Summary
Opinion Bureau is a B2B survey site, focused on professional business topics related to your work. However, the payment level is very low in comparison to other B2B panels. Also, the volume of surveys is very volatile.
  • The payout threshold is low
  • Low-paid B2B surveys
  • Very sporadic survey invitations
  • Payment delays
  • Many reports of account suspensions
  • Lack of transparency
  • Technical glitches and website not working

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