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NielsenIQ Scanning Panel Review

Wondering if the Nielsen Scanning panel is legit and can be trusted? In this review, we’ll go through the pros and cons of scanning your household purchases and sending your shopping data to NielsenIQ.

The most important facts about NielsenIQ Homescan

  • Points are awarded for scanning weekly purchases
  • Rewards are tiered – from the 3rd year of participation, you get 200 points for the weekly scan
  • Additional points for an entire quarter or year
  • You can unsubscribe from scanning for 10 weeks a year
  • Top partners take part in car raffles
  • You can get more points via surveys or direct mail

How to make money with Nielsen Scanning Panel

There are certain exclusion criteria for registering with NielsenIQ. New members are only occasionally accepted, and their households must meet specific criteria. For example, anyone who works in the advertising or marketing industry will not find a position.

Once you are registered, NielsenIQ will provide you with a scanner free of charge. With the device or the mobile app, you then scan (almost) every one of your purchases. You should be as meticulous as possible – even the chocolate bar on the way should be scanned. Clothing and going to a restaurant are not required.

You can give feedback on your articles to help shape the products and shelves of tomorrow. You can also take surveys to earn extra points, which you can exchange for valuable rewards.

What you can earn with Nielsen IQ Homescan

One thing is clear: you cannot earn cash with NielsenIQ. You are much more likely to exchange your points for rewards. There is a large selection – around 300 offers from electronics, household, travel accessories, toys and much more.

In the first year, you get 115 points per week for scanned products; in the second year, 140 points; and in the third year, 200 points. So loyalty pays off. You get 500 points for complete quarters; for completed years, you reach 1,000 points in the 1st year, then 2,000 points. If you are ill or on vacation, you should deregister – this is possible 10 weeks a year.

Anyone who becomes a top partner – which you can achieve within just 3 months – regularly participates in car raffles.

You can also complete surveys – you get 500 points and more for updating your household data; for further surveys, you get 100 points and more. You can get 140 points for direct mail. To be able to participate in such surveys, you should actively participate.

How the payout works

You can easily exchange your points for rewards via your dashboard as soon as you have reached the minimum payment limit of 5 euros. Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible, but there are countless rewards in different areas such as electronics, household, travel accessories and toys.

Why we recommend NielsenIQ Homescan

At NielsenIQ, you earn points with a comparatively simple activity that we enjoyed and offers a change from the usual surveys. Incidentally, we’ve even started to get a better overview of our household expenses. But, again, the dashboard makes this pretty easy.

We never needed to buy any additional products. At some point, scanning the purchase is also easy to do on the side. It becomes routine over time. When you unpack your shopping at home, you simply scan the items – and you’re done. At the end of the week, you have earned points.

The hand scanner and the app are provided free of charge. You can choose one of the two options when registering. For exceptionally active users, there is a chance to win a car in regular sweepstakes. And if that doesn’t work, then there are at least additional points for completed quarters and years. You can exchange the points for numerous different rewards or donate them.

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Nielsen Scanning Panel Review Summary
The Nielsen Scanning Panel is an excellent way to easily earn extra cash with a minimum of effort. Simply by scanning your purchases on a regular basis you'll be able to earn rewards which you can use on wide range of online stores.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Simple activity
  • Hand scanner and app are provided
  • Earn points with regular purchases
  • No need to purchase additional products
  • Additionally: Participation in paid surveys
  • Sweepstakes for active users
  • Overview of household expenses
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • This can be time-consuming if you make a lot of purchases
  • No cash payment
  • Participation as an employee in marketing or in the advertising industry is not possible
  • Invitation only panel

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NielsenIQ Scanning Panel
NielsenIQ Scanning Panel
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