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MyPoints Review

Daniel Williams Reviewer

Daniel Williams – Our Expert: Dan is from Oxford, UK and is one of our reviewers who’s been with HuginX the longest. With a background in membership support at one of the largest survey companies, Dan has a lot of inside knowledge of the Market Research industry and has helped us refine our reviewing criteria. When Daniel is not working with reviews, he likes to go hiking with his dog Charlie.

Owned by market provider giant Prodege, MyPoints has been around since 1996 with over 20 million active members. MyPoints is an online rewards point for shopping online, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more. As of now, only residents of the US and Canada can register. MyPoints will send you rewards every time you complete a survey. You can cash out your rewards for a visa gift card or earn free gift cards from numerous retailers or add to your PayPal account with a PayPal gift card.

Is MyPoints a legit survey-site?

MyPoints is a legitimate online rewards platform. Brands count on survey companies for market research to tap into a global test market and provide them with reliable information. As people spend a lot of time online and it is where they do most of their shopping. It is as well a good way of getting the most value from it. Just make it a side hustle as MyPoints is not a lucrative deal but just a way to earn a little extra cash.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

MyPoints does not share your personal information with its advertisers without your express consent. There are times when your personal data is gathered to be sent to trusted third-party data processors to analyze data for record purposes only. However, all third-party processors are prohibited from using the data for any other means except what they provide to MyPoints. All your personally identifiable information is kept confidential.

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How to get started

Register with an email address and create a password to access your MyPoints account securely. All persons above 18 years of age are qualified to register. If you are under 18 but above 14, use the Prodege Sites and Features only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. To join, just fill in your email, zip code, birthdate, gender, and password. Signing up for MyPoints is free. Just for signing up, MyPoints will give you a $10 gift card as a welcome bonus.

What about the survey experience?

You can start earning at home or at work or on-the-go through the app. It is easier to take surveys on mobile as you can do it anywhere as long as you have internet connections. All you have to do is pass the screening process and you are good to go. You will be asked specific questions on the survey in order to determine your eligibility. The survey questions specifically pertain to the particular company you are surveying and are all matched with your demographics as seen on the screening you have passed.

How much can you make on MyPoints?

You can earn up to 50 points for every survey you take. This is equivalent to $0.35 in cash. The surveys take an average of 10 minutes and the points are credited to your MyPoints account as soon as you are finished. This site pays up to 400 points for answering surveys. You can also earn 5 points for every 10 questions you answer to build your account. How much you get paid completely depends on how many surveys you attempt and complete. Each online survey has a different payout, with some offering as much as $50, but most will pay less but also take less time.

The site will even give you a bonus when you don’t qualify for a survey. MyPoints have a refer option when you refer the site to a friend and they join using your invite. You earn 10% of whatever they earn.

Is there a welcome bonus on MyPoints?

Currently, MyPoints offers a $10 welcome bonus. Keep in mind the small print which says you need to spend a minimum of $20 on MyPoints merchants within the first 30 days in order to qualify for the bonus.

What can prevent me from cashing out?

If you don’t accumulate enough credits, then you cannot cash out. Failure to answer honestly will result in the rejection of the survey submission. Moreover, as one person is allowed to have only one account, attempts to create multiple accounts in the hope to earn more money will be regarded as fraud. You will end up banned and lose all the money you have already accumulated in your account.

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MyPoints Review Summary
MyPoints provides access to thousands of paid survey opportunities, where survey takers are continually changing the outlook of manufacturing and retail everyday. MyPoints is a great way to earn extra money and it is legit all the way.
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Redeeming Rewards
  • The app is very simple and functional to use
  • Welcome points offered just for signing up
  • It is a legit company
  • There are many ways to increase your points
  • Free to join
  • Limited to residents of the US and Canada
  • Rewards are not instant
  • Don’t have solid system to track points you earn from surveys hence there are complaints from lost points

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