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MedPanel Review 

MedPanel has been inviting healthcare professionals to give their expert opinions to provide insights to leading corporate and financial clients in the healthcare industry. MedPanel is operated by MedPanel, LLC, a global leader in healthcare market research since 1999 and based in Massachusetts, USA.

Is MedPanel a legit survey site? 

Definitely legit. MedPanel provides clients with members insights they need to develop, commercialise, and capitalise on biopharma, med-tech, diagnostic, and healthcare IT products. Insights will influence and help advance medical science.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

MedPanel will handle your sensitive information with care and discretion and will not manipulate or sell it to third parties. Your information may be shared with third-party providers; however, this site has contracts with these third parties to help protect your personal information. All MedPanel studies are double-blind. You won’t know the sponsor’s name, and they won’t know yours.

How to get started 

Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, managed care professionals, other medical professions, and even medical patients can use MedPanel. Even though they are based in the United States, their operations are not limited to residents of the US. You can participate if you are from Europe and Asia as well.

You should be aware that MedPanel is an invite-only panel before applying. This company occasionally welcomes medical professionals from around the world. You can receive survey invitations regularly, in addition to the opportunity to earn cash and rewards. The only disadvantage of the site is that it cannot be recommended to others. So, if you want to join this online panel, please ensure you understand the requirements and do not sign up until you are qualified.

What about the survey experience? 

Members of MedPanel are invited to participate in a range of research opportunities which include online surveys, telephone interviews, and in-person focus groups. Project invitations outline the reward, duration, subject matter, and other participation details and the member’s ability to accept or decline participation in advance. It takes about 30 minutes to complete a survey.

How much can you make on MedPanel? 

MedPanel awards cash honorariums for research participation, ranging from $15 to $140 for each project. You can also redeem your points for gift cards or other prizes. Payment takes eight weeks to process after it is requested.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

The panel has checks to ensure that respondents are truthful and give accurate answers when taking surveys. Answers that fail these checks will result in submissions being rejected. 

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MedPanel Review Summary
MedPanel is a leading healthcare market research and marketing firm providing world-class health research. Healthcare professionals are allowed to share their valuable opinions on health matters while given a certain compensation in return.
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  • Great side gig for healthcare professionals
  • Decent honoraria
  • The user interface is a bit clunky
  • The screening and validation process takes quite a bit of time

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