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Medical Advisory Board Review 

Medical Advisory Board is a survey site targeting healthcare professionals. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what the site can offer in terms of user experience and honoraria.

Is Medical Advisory Board legit?

Yes, Medical Advisory Board is a legit site owned by the American market research provider Decision Analyst. This is a well-respected company within the research industry that is specialized in finding hard-to-reach audiences and nice target groups. Decision Analyst is also a corporate member of the largest market research association in the US, Insights Association. While you can trust that the site will not try to scam you or ask for your financial information, it always makes sense to carefully read through the privacy policy and be mindful of the data you share.

How to get started 

First of all, you need to be a healthcare professional to become a member. This includes nurses, dietitians, physicians, pharmacists, hospital administrators, dentists and managed care professionals. New members can join through the webpage, this is not an invitation-only panel.

To join the survey panel:

  1. Visit the Medical Advisory Board website and click the “Join Today” button.
  2. Fill out personal details and wait for a verification email.
  3. After this, verify your account to get started participating in online surveys.

Membership is free, and you are not required to submit any financial information such as credit card numbers.

decision analyst screenshot

Decision Analyst is the market research company behind Medical Advisory Board

What about the user experience?

The website’s interface seems like a relic from the 1990s. It’s hard to imagine this as a successful and engaging community of healthcare professionals in competition with other advanced platforms such as Sermo and M3 Global Research. However, the platform does what it says on the tin in terms of sending out survey invitations and letting you redeem your rewards.

How much can you make on Medical Advisory Board? 

One point is equivalent to 1 cent, so 100 points are equivalent to $1.00. Each survey earns about $7 to $10. You earn 10 points for screener surveys. You can redeem your earnings when you reach the withdrawal limit of 2500 points or $25. The site’s payment platforms include PayPal, cash checks, and check donations. 

These incentive levels might seem high in comparison with consumer surveys but compared with other healthcare professionals’ panels, the reward level is suspiciously low. Physicians would normally earn an honorarium of at least $100 per hour.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

As this survey site is strictly for healthcare professionals, your answers must be accurate and truthful; the site has checks in place that will easily detect if you are not attentive and honest when taking surveys. Answers that fail these checks will have your submissions rejected. One membership is allowed per person; any attempts to create multiple accounts in the hope of answering more surveys is considered fraud, resulting in your account being terminated. Any money accumulated in your account will be forfeited.   

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Medical Advisory Board Review Summary
The Medical Advisory Board looks and feels like a relic from the '90s. Also, the incentives seem too low for verified healthcare professionals. Not recommended.
Survey Experience
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  • Free registration
  • Targeted towards healthcare professionals
  • Low incentives
  • Dated website

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Healthcare Professionals
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