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Magellan Research Group is an expert network based in New York. Magellan Research Group was founded in 2014 by former AlphaSights managers.

The experts provide information for corporations and institutional investors to make smarter decisions. Its global network of industry consultants interacts with clients through telephone consultations, educational meetings, custom surveys, and industry-specific events. The research company uses proprietary data crawling technology to provide clients with timely, relevant information. In addition to expert services, the firm offers a variety of other products and solutions that help its clients make better business decisions.

This research firm was founded by a former AlphaSights manager and is based in New York. In addition to expert networks, Magellan also owns and operates the Waterside expert network, which was acquired by CIQ Group in 2019. In addition to expert network offerings, Magellan also conducts conference presentations and industry surveys. Its website also features detailed industry research reports. In addition to expert consulting, the company offers 1-hour phone consultations and management checks.

As an expert network, Magellan pays clients by the minute, so clients are only charged for the time they spend on a given topic. Expert network members earn extra money for calls longer than 60 minutes. Additionally, they also offer training and seminars to help clients develop their own expertise and become more successful. By providing quality, reliable information to its clients, the firm offers an excellent learning experience for its clients. All Magellan research reports are available to subscribers for free through the website.

Magellan pays its associates on an hourly basis. The rates are determined by job title, the number of years in the industry, and proximity to the target company. In addition to sourcing experts, the firm also offers paid consulting services to its clients. As an expert, you may earn as much as $500 per hour. The rates for experts vary, but they are usually very competitive.

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Magellan Research Group
Magellan Research Group
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