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Macromill Monitor Review

Macromill Monitor is run by a long-established company in Japan providing research services since 2000. Macromill is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is considered to be the largest company in the market research sector in Japan. Macromill aims to “realize closer communication between companies and consumers” and “provide a marketing research system that anyone can easily use.” The parent company Macromill Group owns and operates a number of market research providers globally including MetrixLab and Precision Sample.

How to earn money

After registering as a free member and answering the surveys sent to you, you will accumulate more and more points.

What are the survey data used for?

Companies, local governments, and research institutions use Macromill’s questionnaires. Many of the products and services you see daily were born from the results of surveys.

Point exchange that is nice to save

You can earn Macromill points by answering surveys. One point is equivalent to 1 yen and can be exchanged for bank transfers, gift certificates, or other companies’ points. You can redeem 300 points for the first time.

Ranking up

As you answer questionnaires, your rank will increase. Depending on the rank, various benefits and limited campaigns are available. Those who have worked hard will get access to more lucrative earning opportunities. The content of the benefits will change, so please stay tuned.

Is Macromill Monitor legit?

Macromill is one of the most reputable companies within the Market Research industry in Japan, with 30,000 surveys per year. You can register and use the service confidently.  

Are there any conditions for registration?

Anyone over the age of 6 living in Japan can register. However, if you are a junior high school student or younger, they ask that you obtain your guardian’s consent before registering.

Point redemptions

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for the following products:

Points can be redeemed every 500 points.

Bank transfer

Payment due date after the 20th of the following month

exchange rate1 point = 1 yen

Maximum point redemption 5000 points

Amazon gift card

delivery method email

delivery timing after the 20th of the following month

exchange rate1 point = 1 yen

Maximum point redemption 5000 points


delivery methodAdd as PeX points

Payment due date after seven days after applying for the exchange

exchange rate1 point = 10 PeX points

Maximum point redemption per application1000 points

G point

delivery methodAdd as G points

Payment due date after the 15th of the following month

exchange rate1 point = 1 G point

Maximum point redemption 5000 points

Product exchange

Delivery method email to registered address

delivery timing within two weeks from the application

Virtual currency

A delivery method added as a virtual currency to the Coincheck account

Payment due date same day

exchange rate500 points = Market price



Macromill collectively donates in the name of Macromill

exchange rate1 point = 1 yen

Maximum point redemption per application 5000 points

5.7Expert Score
Macromill Monitor Review Summary
Macromill Monitor is one of Japan's most long-established consumer panels, with millions of participants. They are known for excellent user experience and an extensive range of payment options, including bank transfers, PeX, gift cards and charity options.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Wide selection of reward types
  • Great user experience
  • Surveys well matched
  • Sometimes screened out of the surveys too often
  • Surveys can be long and tedious
  • User support could be quicker

Specification: Macromill Monitor

What can I earn?
Paid Gigs

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Business Professionals
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