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iPanel Online Review

iPanel Online is a Chinese market research provider headquartered in Shanghai. While iPanel’s primary focus is on Asian countries, they also accept new participants from North America and Europe. This is a classic paid survey site where you get paid to complete surveys following a three-step process:

  1. Fill out a qualification survey.
  2. Complete the entire questionnaire.
  3. Receive virtual points as compensation.

Once you have accumulated enough virtual points, you can exchange them for tangible rewards such as cash and gift cards.

How to get paid from iPanel online

Once registered and confirmed your email, it’s time to participate in surveys and accumulate points. Each iPanel point is worth $0.01, and the number of points per survey will vary based on the questionnaire’s length and complexity. Here are some examples of paid survey opportunities we were invited to:

  • Automotive study – 80 points ($0.80) – 12 minutes
  • Diabetes study – 125 points ($1.25) – 15 minutes
  • Kitchen appliance study – 60 points ($0.60) – 7 minutes

To redeem, you need a minimum of 1 000 points which will give you $10 in the form of a PayPal transfer.

Is iPanel legit? Any drawbacks?

iPanel appears as a legit Chinese site displaying the official government certificate on its website. However, we also encountered a few red flags. For example, there needs to be more concrete information for respondents on the iPanel webpage regarding crucial areas like data privacy and rewards. The company is also using the logo of the European market research body (ESOMAR) on its website, even if they’re not an official corporate member of the organization. While we don’t have any reason to believe iPanel is a scam, the lack of transparency is worrying.

In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that the US government has raised concerns about the security of personal data collected by Chinese companies. There are several restrictions in place when it comes to US companies working with certain Chinese companies, particularly in the technology sector. For this reason, it’s not recommended to answer any surveys from Chinese companies based on B2B topics concerning current or past employers, or business partners.

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