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Hilton Honors Surveys – Guest Opinion Rewards

Guest Opinion Rewards is a survey site that gives you free Hilton Honors bonus points in return for your opinions. We’ve been taking surveys for several weeks to understand how good of a deal this really is. So how much does it take to earn enough points to book a night at a hotel? Here’s our honest opinion. 

What is Hilton Honors?

Hilton Honors is the loyalty program of Hilton Hotels & Resorts, a global hospitality company. It rewards members for staying at Hilton properties and participating in other program activities. Members can earn and redeem points for stays, room upgrades, dining, spa treatments, and other experiences at Hilton properties worldwide. The program also offers various membership tiers, each with increasing benefits and perks. Some benefits of being a Hilton Honors member include free room upgrades, free Wi-Fi, and access to exclusive members-only events and offers.

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Take enough surveys, and you’ll eventually be able to redeem a free night at a Hilton hotel.

Is Guest Opinion Rewards a legit site?

The company behind Guest Opinion Rewards is called Dynata and is a legit global market research firm operating hundreds of panel websites worldwide. Dynata has partnered with the Hilton Honors loyalty program to offer members surveys in return for Hilton Honors points. Here’s how it works; Hilton invites their members to join an external site (guestopinionrewards.com). Once you register your Hilton Honors membership number, you can take surveys through Dynata’s portal. Dynata’s clients pay for your survey answers, and you get a small proportion of their revenue in the form of Hilton Honors points. 

What about my data – are they safe?

Your data will be in the hands of Dynata, a recognized firm within the market research industry. While your survey answers will be shared with Dynata’s clients, your profile information, such as your email address and phone number, will be shared more sparingly. We recommend checking the extensive privacy policy before signing up to be fully aware of how your data is shared. Remember that Dynata’s line of business is to monetize respondents’ data for market research purposes, so if you are concerned about sharing personal data on the internet in general, this is probably not something for you.

How do I sign up for Guest Opinion Rewards?

While this is an “exclusive” panel for Hilton Honors members, everyone can sign up if you don’t have an HH account, head to their website and register. After registering and confirming your email, you’ll be asked to fill in more extensive profile information. This can take a while, and you don’t get any compensation. Nevertheless, it’s important since it enables Dynata to pre-qualify and match you with survey opportunities.   

How do I earn Hilton Honors Reward Points?

According to Nerdwallet, Hilton Honors points are worth 0.6 cents each. If you can take advantage of their join bonus, you’ll get 1 250 points for signing up AND taking your first survey. This equals around $7.50. In comparison, you’ll need a minimum of 5 000 points to book one night at a hotel. Each survey will pay between 10 and 150 points, depending on the length and complexity of the survey. On average, we received just below 80 points per survey. At this rate, you’ll need to take at least 50 surveys to book one night for free at Hilton. While you can debate if staying signed up is worth your time on an ongoing basis, the sign-up bonus makes it worth registering and completing the first survey.

Examples of survey opportunities:

  • Survey on toys – 12 minutes – 100 Hilton Honors points
  • Frequent travelling survey – 8 minutes – 80 Hilton Honors points 
  • Survey on streaming devices – 5 minutes – 50 Hilton Honors points

Pointless membership levels

The survey platform is powered by Dynata and is almost identical to their other sites, such as OpinionWorld and OpinionOutpost. Besides the logo and the rewards currency, this survey site follows the same template encouraging you to reach higher tiers, such as Silver and Gold, to keep you engaged. Unfortunately, while rewarding loyal members over time is a good idea, Dynata is not transparent about what you get from these tiers. It sounds exclusive with Platinum and Diamond levels, but what’s the point when you don’t know what perks or additional rewards you get by achieving these tiers? 

dynata membership levels

Dynata’s very confusing loyalty tiers.

How do I redeem CashPoints?

Your Hilton Honors points will automatically transfer from your survey account to your main Hilton Honors account. In this way, you don’t need to remember to make any manual requests. The transfer is not instant; it can take a few days to see the points in your main account.

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Guest Opinion Rewards Summary
While you can discuss if taking surveys is worth your time on an ongoing basis, it’s fair to say that the sign-up bonus makes it worth registering and completing the first survey.
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Redeeming Rewards
  • Your rewards are automatically transferred to your main Hilton Honors account
  • Free Hilton Honors points without having to spend any money
  • Low rewards taking regular surveys
  • Unclear rewards tiers
  • Join-bonus not always available

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