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Glocal Panel Review

The Glocal Panel is operated by Glocal Mind which is an independent market research provider specialised in the healthcare sector.

glocal panel review

How to earn money with Glocal Panel

If you’re a physician or any other type of healthcare professional you can sign up and begin taking surveys by following this process:

  • Register: Glocal Panel is an online research portal that allows you to complete surveys at your convenience. Membership is free, and it only requires filling out a brief registration survey.
  • Profile Verification: Glocal Panel membership is not for everyone. Glocal Mind will contact you by email, telephone or fax to confirm the status.
  • Survey Invitation: The survey invitation will be sent to you by email. Your medical specialisation and profile will determine which studies you will be invited to. This ensures that you participate in studies that are most relevant to your core medical competence.
  • Provide your insights: To begin the survey, you need to click the link in the email invitation that you have received. It’s that easy. The survey can be completed at your convenience. You can return to the survey later if you are unable or unwilling to complete it immediately.
  • Honorarium: Honoraria can be valued from USD 50 up to USD 400. You can pay by VISA PREPAID Debit card or Bank Cheque/Check. Your honoraria will be sent to you within 1-3 weeks of completing your survey.



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