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GfK MediaView Review

GfK MediaView is a niche survey panel that focuses on conducting radio and tv surveys. Members can give their opinion after watching tv and listening to radio programs, and in return, they get the chance to participate in regular prize draws.

Is GfK MediaView a legit survey site?

Gfk is Germany’s largest market research company nd this is indeed a legit platform for you to take surveys and earn some money. From sharing your opinions through surveys on topics like television, radio, and broadcasting, you can earn tickets that will allow you to enter into draws for cash, vouchers, and products. Gfk is one of the largest market research institutes in Europe and operates several survey panels in many European countries.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

The GfK MediaView panel takes the protection of personal data very seriously and has several measures in place to ensure the security and privacy of its panellists’ data.

Firstly, GfK MediaView only collects data that is relevant to its research activities, and it does so with the explicit consent of its panellists. Panellists are informed of what data is being collected, how it will be used, and who will have access to it. Panellists can also choose to opt out of data collection or delete their data at any time.

Secondly, all personal data collected by GfK MediaView is securely stored and encrypted to protect against unauthorized access. Only authorized personnel with a legitimate business need can access this data, and they are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

Thirdly, GfK MediaView conducts regular audits of its data protection policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable data protection regulations and industry best practices.

Also, note that, unlike other metering apps such as ValueMe and ZAP Surveys, the GfK Media View app does not track or share your online behaviour. It’s purely an app to answer questions related to TV and radio programmes.

How to get started

To register, you have to fill out the registration form, make sure to provide your mobile number because this is where they will send your activation code. To activate your membership, provide the activation code and then verify your application by clicking the link in the email that was sent to you.

After that, you will have to complete your profile before you can log in to the site. If you have not answered a survey or logged in to the site for 6 weeks, they will revoke your membership and you will lose all the points you have accumulated. Every day, you can rate the television programs you watched the day before, giving a simple rating score (1-10) to the programs you watched for at least 5 minutes.

Residents of the UK, Ireland, and the Isle of Man are eligible to join this survey site and you also have to be at least 16 years of age.

What about the survey experience?

The survey system in question is a rather simplistic one, merely soliciting the user’s thoughts and ratings on the TV and radio programs they’ve consumed that day. Two survey types will be offered, one for TV and one for radio. One aspect that differentiates this platform from others is that it doesn’t bother with any preliminary qualification questions.

Additionally, it provides a standalone mobile app called GfK MediaView, which can be downloaded onto mobile devices. This app allows users to participate in surveys even when they’re not in front of their computers and is available for download on both the iOS and Android app stores.

gfk media view app

You have the opportunity to provide feedback on the television programs you viewed the previous day by assigning them a rating score ranging from 1 to 10, as long as you watched them for at least 5 minutes. This feedback is valuable for television channels as it helps them make decisions about which programs to air in the future.

How much can you make on GfK MediaView?

The amount of points you can earn per survey depends on the type of survey you complete. For TV surveys, you can earn 200 points, for Radio surveys, you can earn 100 points, and for “5 Mins” surveys, you can earn 400 points. Additionally, the number of surveys you complete each week determines the Weekly Prize Draw tier you’ll be entered into, with 1-2 surveys qualifying for Bronze, 3-4 surveys for Silver, and 5-7 surveys for Gold.

You can win vouchers, gadgets, or experiences like vacations or travel packages.

Failure to answer any survey or log in to the site for 6 weeks will have your membership revoked and you will lose all points accumulated.

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Gfk MediaView Review Summary
If you live in the UK and you want to share your opinions through surveys on topics like television, radio, and broadcasting, GFK MediaView might be for you. You can earn points that will allow you to enter into draws for cash, vouchers, and products.
Survey Experience
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  • No pre-survey qualifying questions
  • Surveys are available daily
  • Short and sweet surveys
  • Prize draws
  • Limited to the UK, Ireland, and Isle of Man residents only
  • Hard to estimate the chances of winning the prize draw
  • No cash rewards

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