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What is FirstThought expert network?

FirstThought is a New York-based expert network focused exclusively on life sciences expertise. Whether you’re conducting primary research, due diligence, or developing a new strategy, FirstThought can help you find the right expert to work on your project. An expert consultant can be a former employee, a customer, a vendor, or a key influencer. In fact, you may even want to interview several experts. To find an expert consultant, you can contact FirstThought directly, or use LinkedIn to recruit candidates.

Due diligence and strategic decisions

Clients usually seek FirstThought’s expertise for due diligence or a new strategy. In either case, you’ll want to interview a subject matter expert. An expert can be a former employee, a customer, a competitor, or an industry influencer. Oftentimes, clients will want to speak with several different people, and that’s where your FirstThought associate comes in. Most of the experts have extensive experience in the field, and you can use this network to get the best results.

Specific subject-matter experts

Most FirstThought clients are performing due diligence or a new strategy, and are looking for an expert to speak with them about the specific topic. These experts can include current or former employees, competitors, vendors, and key influencers. Depending on the nature of your project, you can choose to speak with one or several experts. Typically, clients will ask for several experts. Your associate will recruit them using LinkedIn and other methods, and you will be paid several hundred dollars for each one.

A vast network of experts

As a new expert network, FirstThought offers access to a vast network of subject matter experts. For example, the company offers one-hour consulting sessions between clients and industry experts, during which they quickly dive into a research topic. The cost of these sessions is usually several hundred dollars, and you can even pay your FirstThought associate high fees. In addition to consulting, FirstThought also organizes paid surveys and other traditional consulting projects.

A strong focus on compliance

Besides providing expert services, FirstThought also has a compliance policy. You’ll have to review the company’s compliance policy and attend training. Before you make a call, you’ll need to confirm that you adhere to the policy. In addition to the compliance policy, FirstThought is a member of the LifeSci Partners network. It will be possible to communicate with your fellow advisors through the platform, and share research results.

Your consulting fee – how much will I earn with FirstThought?

The fees charged for paid surveys vary. If you are an early-career expert, your hourly rate may be as low as $100. If you are a director level professional, you can expect to earn up to $300 per hour. Senior executives and Fortune 500 executives are considered elite-level experts. Their prices depend on their availability and expertise. It’s easy to find a top-notch consultant with FirstThought. You’ll never work harder than you need to.

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