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Update: The Finger on the Pulse community has officially closed. 

Finger on the Pulse Community Review

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Finger on the Pulse, a survey site that promises to keep you in the loop on the latest trends and consumer preferences. From sign-up to rewards, we’ll evaluate the platform’s user experience and rewards program to determine if it’s worth your time.

Update March 2023: The Finger on the Pulse community does not accept new members anymore through their site.

What’s the concept?

The Finger On The Pulse Community is owned by Horizon Media to recruit respondents to its market research and media measurement projects. The concept is well-known: By filling out surveys and participating in research projects you’ll get points which qualify for sweepstake entries and rewards through various merchants such as Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks. The panel is powered by the Toluna survey platform.

We like the fact that the survey site is transparent about the owner, Horizon Media. This is always a good sign. Unfortunately, too many survey sites try to hide the name of the parent company. A full-service media agency like Horizon provides advertising and marketing services, including planning and buying of media across various channels such as television, radio, print, digital and outdoor. By having a market research panel available, they have their own access to respondents rather than being reliant on 3rd party suppliers.

So, who are the typical target groups for Finger on the Pulse surveys? The possibilities are endless, but here are two random examples:

  • Women aged 25-34 who live in urban areas and are interested in sustainable fashion. A survey might ask about shopping habits, brand preferences, and opinions on eco-friendly materials.
  • Men aged 18-24 who are avid gamers. A survey might explore attitudes toward gaming culture, preferred platforms and genres, and purchasing behaviors.

What can I earn?

Sweepstakes are the main focal point when it comes to rewards. There are 4 prizes available every month:

  • $100
  • $75
  • $50
  • $25

The total retail value of all prizes is only $250.

In addition to these prizes, you’ll also be able to accumulate virtual points which can be exchanged into gift cards. However, the value of points and redemption levels is a big mystery. We couldn’t find any information on this on the website. Based on feedback from users and reviews on the internet, it is difficult to accumulate and redeem rewards by taking surveys.

Positives and negatives

Signing up for a survey site like Finger on the Pulse should be an easy way to earn extra cash – in theory. However, before jumping in, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of the platform.

On the positive side, Finger on the Pulse is mobile-friendly and easy to use. The site is designed to be user-friendly, making it simple to navigate and complete surveys. Additionally, the platform is associated with a legitimate market research company, Horizon Media, which lends credibility to the surveys and the data collected.

A niche “client-side” survey site owned by a market research agency like Horizon Media often pays better and provides higher-quality surveys than a run-of-the-mill survey site serving hundreds of different clients.

On the negative side, Finger on the Pulse has a few drawbacks. First and foremost, the platform does not offer cash payments, only rewards in the form of sweepstakes. And there is a distinct lack of transparency when it comes to the rules around points value and gift card options.

This can be a deal-breaker for those who prefer cash compensation. Additionally, earning opportunities can be limited, with infrequent survey invitations and a hard-to-understand point system. Finally, the user interface feels quite basic and “out of the box”.

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Finger on the Pulse Community Review Summary
Finger on the Pulse is a mobile-friendly survey site associated with a legitimate market research company, Horizon Media. While the platform is user-friendly and easy to use, it offers limited earning opportunities and no cash payments. The point system is very hard to understand. As a result, those who prioritize cash compensation or a higher volume of earning opportunities may want to look elsewhere.
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  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy to qualify
  • User friendly
  • Legit market research company
  • No cash payments
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Hard to understand point system
  • Infrequent suvey invitations
  • Hard to sign up

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Finger on the Pulse Community
Finger on the Pulse Community
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