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E-Poll Surveys Review 

E-Poll Surveys is a survey site that harnesses millions of consumer responses and provides turnkey solutions for marketability, advertising effectiveness, and brand tracking. It is a branch of the entertainment company Bridge Entertainment Inc. E-Poll was established in May 1997 and headquartered in Los Angeles, USA.

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Is E-Poll a legit survey site? 

E-Poll Surveys is a legitimate survey site that rewards you with cash or gift cards in exchange for sharing your thoughts. E-Poll Market Research provides entertainment and media companies with custom research services and products. It is a full-service consumer research company helping clients make better decisions in a complex digital media environment.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern? 

E-Poll has always been and will continue to be sensitive to your privacy. The information you provide will not be shared in ways other than those specified in their privacy statement, and they will adhere to the highest security and integrity standards. E-Poll will not sell, distribute, or make any personally identifiable information, such as a member’s or guest’s name, address, phone number, or email address, without their express permission, as outlined in this privacy policy.

How to get started 

To register as a member of E-Poll Surveys, you must be a resident of the United States. They will, however, accept international members soon. Signing up does require that you be at least 13 years old. Furthermore, only one member per household and residence is permitted to register. They do this to ensure that the findings of their research are unbiased. E-Poll offers free registration. You will be emailed a link to confirm your registration once you have completed your registration. To complete your profile, you must answer about ten questions, including your name and email address, which must be verified. When you first register, you will be asked to complete a quick demographic survey that will award you 100 points on the spot, which is your sign-up bonus.

Epoll Survey Review

What about the survey experience? 

Unfortunately, E-Poll Surveys does not provide a mobile app you can download and install on your device. You can, however, access their website from a mobile device. You must open a mobile browser and type their URL to log in to the dashboard just like you would in a desktop browser. Fortunately, the mobile version of their website is mobile-friendly. That means you’ll be able to see everything without having to scroll to the left or right. To respond to their surveys, you must log in to your email on your mobile device to see the survey invitation. It is critical that you can do this on E-Poll because you have a better chance of taking the surveys before they are complete. So having the option to use it on mobile is a plus.

You will receive all survey invitations via email, so you will not need to log in to the E-Poll Surveys Portal except to claim your rewards. You’ll be asked questions about celebrities, entertainment, and so on. Sometimes you will be asked to watch a video and then give your opinion. In general, the surveys are engaging.

How much can you make on E-Poll? 

E-Poll awards points for taking surveys which can vary between 500-1000+ points, depending on the length and complexity of the survey. While taking surveys with E-Poll can earn money, you should not expect to make much more than a little extra cash. Even if you respond to every invitation, you’re unlikely to earn more than $5 or $10 per week. A minimum of 3750 points ($3) is required in your account to request rewards. Points increase in value as accumulated, so saving your points for a bigger reward is advisable.

E-Poll offers a variety of rewards, including gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, and more. They also allow you to donate your points to charity. If you choose to cash out via PayPal, ensure your email address matches whatever email is associated with your PayPal account. All rewards are received electronically, and delivery entails 4-6 weeks to process.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

The most common reason for not being able to cash out is that you do not accumulate enough credits. Furthermore, most survey sites have safeguards to ensure that respondents are attentive and truthful when completing surveys. If the answers fail these checks, the survey submissions are rejected. Only one account is permitted per person, and attempting to earn more money by opening multiple accounts is considered fraud, which means you will be banned and lose any money accumulated in your account. Be as honest as possible when answering questions; if E-Poll Surveys discovers that you provide inconsistent answers, your account may be suspended.


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Epoll Surveys Review Summary
E-Poll Surveys is an online webpage that pays you cash for taking online surveys. Survey sites won't replace your income, but E-Poll has enough features to set itself apart from the competition.
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Redeeming Rewards
  • Free to register
  • 100-point sign-up bonus
  • Payout to PayPal as well as for gift cards
  • Only need $5 minimum to cash out.
  • No referral program
  • Payouts can sometimes take up to 6 weeks.
  • Available to US users only
  • Lack of surveys

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